Joining the Conversation on Faith

Well, here we go. A fresh start. Many of you may know my old blog, Betty Duffy. I’ve loved it long, but over the past year or so, Elizabeth Scalia’s offer to let me blog here at Patheos has become more and more attractive. Having a personal blog on which to post one’s thoughts and ramblings is very cathartic, but after four or so years, it seemed I had said everything I wanted to say there. I had expressed all my opinions. I had made some good friends. I had documented several years of family life and events–and I had done it all in a marvelously one-sided monologue.

Patheos is “Hosting the Conversation on Faith” says its home page, and more and more, this is a conversation in which I have wanted to participate. I’ve learned a lot from other writers here, as I’ve been following that conversation, and even though I’ve had a column here, The Constant Convert, blogging is a way to get into the conversation before it’s gone.

I’ll still probably have more than my share of monologues to write up. I tend to post about ordinary family life, sometimes spiritual epiphanies, and books and pop culture when the mood strikes. But I was remembering recently, how when I was younger I hung out with so many different types of people: artists, atheists, Baptists and Episcopalians. I hated the thought of being fenced in with a group of people who were certain to reflect my own thoughts back to me.

I’ve been impressed with the wide ranging views expressed from the group of Catholics that Elizabeth Scalia has assembled here, even as they remain faithful to the essential teachings of our faith. And its been interesting to watch the exchanges from portal to portal among Patheos writers of different faiths. There have been at times significant disagreements, and yet just making contact, acknowledging the real people who back up different ideologies, is, I believe, the first step towards making peace.


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