Vote with your gut

elephant cookie cutter from Coppergifts.comI live in a small town in a red state with a fantastic bakery on our town square. The owner/baker is a grouchy old man who wears a flour dusted apron with a pistol on his belt. He’s a bit intimidating, but the donuts are good–possibly worth risking one’s life for.

He’s conducting an informal election this week, where you can place a pretend vote for your favorite candidate by purchasing either an elephant cookie or a donkey cookie. It’s perhaps not surprising that the elephants are winning in this town. Even less so, considering that the elephant cookies really are twice the size of the donkeys, but cost about the same.

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  • Dorian Speed

    I want to bring my A-game, commenting-wise, to be worthy of your new location, but all I can think right now is “what regional factors go into the way a person spells ‘doughnut,’ and am I myself true to my own roots or have I unconsciously assimilated a spelling from another region of the country?”

    • nancyo

      Not to muddy the waters, but technology has affected the spelling as well; it’s always d-o-n-u-t for me on twitter (saves 3 characters)!

  • Elizabeth Duffy

    Hah. I’ve never thought about it before, though now that I do, I sense an internal aversion to silent letters on my part. Lazy.

  • Mila

    I use Doughnuts not donuts and catalogue not catalog. I’m old fashioned.

  • Sheila

    7-11 is doing the same thing — you can “vote” by buying an Obama coffee cup or a Romney coffee cup for your drink. You can even check the results online!