I have no comment on the election

I’m glad it’s over, and hope and pray that the barking dogs will stop barking very soon.

In its aftermath, I’m left with an overwhelming desire to go on a pilgrimage.

I want to see beautiful things. Not just see them, actually, I want to eat, breathe, and drink in beauty. And by beauty, I don’t just mean good pasta and ice-cream, or a lovely slice of peach in the evening sun. I mean something that’s been touched by grace–a drop of God’s blood on the steps he walked to Calvary, a fiber from the habit of Saint Theresa, a splinter from the wood of the Cross, the bones of Saint Peter.

I want to walk alongside fellow seekers looking for evidence that God lived, and that he changed people. And when I find this evidence, I want to get down on my knees and kiss it.

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  • Lizzie

    I’m longing for this too – I have a real bone-ache for true beauty at the moment. I’ve always planned to walk to Santiago when my James turns 18 but I think I might need to go before then. Fancy joining me?! I go on pilgrimage to Walsingham every summer – a bit of a cheat’s pilgrimage as we travel by car but then spend a week praying, walking, reflecting, communing, absorbing, learning…it’s like the hinge my year is held by.

    • Elizabeth Duffy

      I do fancy joining you. Really, after I have this baby, I’m going to strap her on my back and go walking.

  • http://owenswain.com/2/ Owen

    The two best things I’ve read (caveat – I am not an American citizen) are
    The Church Will Survive the 2012 Election from Russ Rentler’s blog.
    Electoral Shock Therapy from the Dominicana blog.

    They say anything I might have thought to have said and much better.

  • Jocelyn

    Since walking the Camino is probably out of the question for both of us at the moment, may I offer you the thought that, to the “Caesar’s Last Breath” theorem gloriously appends the corollary that Jesus’ breath is there, also, every time we breathe in.

  • http://saintsinprogress.blogspot.com Nicole S

    Amen. If you manage some sort of interior pilgrimage, say a little prayer for this reader.

    • http://makingmusicprayingtwice.com Kate Daneluk

      I love your blog and I second Nicole’s post. If you get there, please pray for us too! I would feel like I had a moment there too, knowing you brought our intentions with you.

  • http://thereluctantwidow.com The Reluctant Widow

    I love the idea of a pilgrimage. Or a retreat. Something that will take the focus off the cares of this world and put things in their proper focus. I am not likely to have the opportunity to either, but I do like the idea of an internal pilgrimage. I think I will re-read the parts of Fr. Jacques Philippe’s Interior Freedom to remind me of how to feel free in this life regardless of my outward/real circumstances.

    In another note: so excited for your wee one to make her/his appearance! (have you found out the gender? I can’t remember.)

  • http://magsmuse.wordpress.com mags

    For the first time in 18 years I went abroad. Rome. With 15 parishioners and my PP who lived their for 6 years. I left my 5 children with my husband and became a pilgrim of intense prayer. It was staggering. And wonder full. And bore miracles. And can be read about on my blog. Do it. For Gods sake.