Quick Takes

Today seems like a good day to take part in that wonderful Friday Tradition hosted at Conversion Diary–quick takes.

Being that the Midwest was overtaken by a terrible blizzard this week, we haven’t left the house much. I say terrible, but…it was about seven inches of snow, that blew and drifted until it all piled up right behind my car, where it will remain until I have to race to the hospital to deliver a baby.

Fortunately, the kids have about ten million new lego pieces to organize this week. Lego is a racket. They put together these kits, and then they want to enshrine them somewhere never to be touched again. Back in my day, kids had to come up with their own plans for lego, and then, after working all day, they’d tear it up and build something else. Thus, a tackle box full of legos could be a delight for the ages.

Of course, I have not been a paragon of creativity this week. After the great sickness–which lasted from Thanksgiving through just about yesterday–I have hardly been bothered to read or write anything. My friend Pedge came to the rescue last week and brought dinner and a couple glossy magazines, which saved me from the blank stare for about forty-eight hours.

Before that I watched just about every movie in the redbox.

Liberal Arts: Somehow was too earnest though it had a few cute moments and a relatable nostalgia about college in the Midwest.

Trouble With the Curve: Had a satisfying, if unlikely, story arc with Clint Eastwood playing the same guy he played in Gran Torrino.

The Words: was a major bore. Dennis Quaid radiating superfluous smarm as he hits on a young woman admirer. Eww.

Ruby Sparks: annoying

Damsels in Distress: Have no idea what this was about.

Lawless: Prohibition was a bad idea.

Arbitrage: Capitalism is bad, and Richard Gere is even worse.

Now I’m ready to be productive again. As in, I want to re-read Anna Karenina before I see the movie, and the Hobbit before I see the movie, and Les Miserables before I see the movie. This will ensure I don’t watch a single movie in 2013.

My husband had a wonderful idea to cut down on media consumption in the new year. We got a new stereo as a family present for Christmas, on which he plans to download books on CD to listen to before bed at night with the kids.

We canceled our dish subscription, since somehow, with 500 channels, the only thing that’s ever on TV is Fox news and “Best Bra Ever!”–and hence, we have been released from the 24 hour news cycle. I love it.

So far, it’s going well. We listened to Call of the Wild, which the kids seemed to enjoy, and even with all the bites to the jugular, they seemed calmer before bed.

The other thing I’m loving about radio these days, is that you can get almost any station in the world now to stream live from your I-pod. We’ve been listening to Interlochen in Michigan, and I think we’re all getting smarter.

Plus, I can still get PBS online.

This concludes my quick-takes. I have not felt funny or smart in a long time. We should have a baby in the next week and a half, and maybe after that brain function will increase slightly, though I don’t want to count on it. The boys were fighting upstairs earlier in the week, and one of them yelled down: “Mom! Can you make him stop talking about monkey anuses?!” And it took me a minute to remember what a monkey anus was, before concluding that getting a ten-year-old to stop talking about one was an exercise in futility. He might still be talking about it for all I know.

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