My Berry Favorites

I’m linking up to Moxie Wife’s five favorites  today.

I’ve felt join-y lately. I want to be where the party is. So here are five things I really like:



I call this picture “Afternoon Delight.” I don’t know which part of it is my favorite part:


2.  (more berries!)

This, as you can see, is a picture of raspberries in a blue (and white) dish. When I was in high school, I read some novel whose title I cannot remember, but the heroine eats red raspberries in a blue dish. She looks at them and thinks she has never seen anything so lovely. I decided I would make that my decorating theme when I grew up and had a house.

I’ve been moderately successful at sticking to the theme. I pick up blue dishes when I find them at the Goodwill. But it’s really hard to match that red. Plus we have kids and stuff, so things end up looking how life with kids looks. But if you can crop all the mess out around that blue bowl of berries, I still think it’s pretty.



These are baby toes.

They curl around your finger when you touch them.

It cracks me up that babies have stinky feet. And babies ALWAYS smile when you smell them and say P-U.



This is Iceland:


It is in the process of outlawing internet pornography .


“Iceland is taking a very progressive approach that no other democratic country has tried,” said Professor Gail Dines, an expert on pornography and speaker at a recent conference at Reykjavik University. “It is looking a pornography from a new position – from the perspective of the harm it does to the women who appear in it and as a violation of their civil rights.”


Go Iceland!





This is me and Pedge at a Colts game several years ago. I’ve always liked this picture because it looks fake, doesn’t it? Like we’re standing in front of a picture of a Colts game. We may as well have been, because we spent most of the game in the lounge drinking bloody marys.


So there, five things, give or take. See Moxie for more!

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