Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie and Jen today to highlight my five favorite things this week.



After Pope Francis, I think this pic was the second best thing to come out of the conclave:

This is why I never believed my mother when she told me that smoking doesn’t make you look cool.

H/T Korrektiv


My Fitness Pal.


Now that Lent is over and all the pressure is off, I can begin my diet without spiritual neurosis. I’ve tried a lot of different online tools for tracking calories, and I think this one is the easiest for me to use. It seems, at least, to have all my favorite foods in their database, so I don’t have to do the legwork of looking up calories and portion sizes on my own.

Above is not a typical sample day for me, but it’s likely to be typical until all the Easter leftovers are gone, specifically the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. They are my favorite breakfast food, which really should be another bullet here.




It gets me out of bed in the morning. I stress out when I don’t eat it. I like for it to contain at least a little bit of chocolate. And coffee.



Cheap religious art

OK, so not all of the art in this assembly was cheap. Lady Guad was a wedding present. And the statues were both gifts from Mexico. I’m mainly referring to the two Stations of the Cross: Jesus meets his Mother, and Simeon helps carry the Cross of Jesus.I found them at a thrift store last week, two for ten bucks.

They’re rather large, and painted on tin, so I think they probably hung in a church. My husband thinks they look kind of cartoony. He’s not a fan. But I’m going to have him frame them for me, and then I will put them…somewhere.



Mrs. Darwin emailed this little artifact the other day. If you read my post on Monday, you know exactly what it is.
(Beware, sound file)

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  • Otepoti

    I beg to differ – the Stations are very moving. The eye contact in “Behold Your Mother” just about kills me. Your priest friend was right that it’s the essence of Catholic art.

    Does anyone know, from archaeological evidence, how tall crucifixion uprights were? I suppose that for killing purposes, they needn’t have been very high, and Romans would be far too practical and efficient to waste timber, so the framing of this image might be close to the truth.

    • Elizabeth Duffy

      I have no idea about the height of a cross, but I like your take on these. Christ on the Cross looks so determined. And even without eye-contact between Simon and Jesus, what could be more relational than helping someone carry something? A cross, no less, connects them.

      I also like Our Lady of Guadelupe’s eyes. From a distance it looks like she’s peering down, but she’s really looking at me, no matter where I am in the room. Our Lady is the best Catholic Artist of all time.

  • MrsDarwin

    3. That was my lunch today.

    • Elizabeth Duffy

      tons of protein. so healthy.

  • Mary

    reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs are da bomb! that is all…

    • Elizabeth Duffy

      The eggs (and trees at Christmas) have a much better ratio of peanut butter to chocolate than the cups do.

      • Terri

        The Divine Proportion?

        And #1: Vatican/Mad Men mash-up?!? That picture made my morning.

  • Jeannine

    The pb eggs are a good source of protein, no?

    And I am very picky about religious art and find your stations quite lovely.

    Happy Easter!

  • Cordelia

    THANK YOU for sharing that first picture! It’s a winner…I’m still wheezing. If I ever get around to starting that collage of “What it means to be a Catholic” pictures (now that’s a weird convert’s kind of project, all right) – this one’s going in!