Five things the special lady in your life just might want for Mother’s Day


It’s Mother’s Day, which means the mom in your life is probably going to cook you a big dinner.

Or is she?

Maybe you’re actually making her waffles.

Waffles are delicious, and something she always sort of craves but never enough to make them for herself. Waffles!


One thing your mother might secretly want but will not tell you, is a Pajama gram.

Perhaps the The Super Mom Hoodie-Footie is a little over-the-top, but Pajama Gram has lots of more reasonable offerings as  well.

If the mother in your life is actually your wife, pick her out something pretty, but comfy–something in which she can nurse the baby, for instance, should necessity require it, and that will not scandalize the children when she gets up to make their lunches in the morning. It should have a top and bottoms, therefore.

And even though you’re always hot at night time, she’s always cold, so make sure there’s at least a short sleeve on it.


A Hanging Basket of flowers

I mean really, who doesn’t want this? They’re gorgeous and no matter how she tries, when she buys the flowers a-la-carte to plant them herself, they never end up looking this good. Get her a big one, and make sure she has a good hook on the porch, and try not to notice as it slowly dies over the course of the summer.



You cannot go wrong with a gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. She’s driving the kids early in the morning, and sometimes, she doesn’t want to make coffee that early. Give her the option to buy.

 It may sound chintzy to throw in a mug as well, but it’s only a bad idea if the mug is of average size or smaller. Coffee mugs should be large.


She may not need to swim in it, but she should be able to spend 15 minutes in the car without a refill.


Finally, time.

Take the kids out somewhere for the afternoon, or longer. Give her an opportunity to miss them. When you bring them back, she’ll be, well, sort of frustrated that  you’re home so soon when she’s just figured out what to do with herself. But, at least she’ll not have to wonder what that feels like anymore.

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  • Manny

    Oh, my wife definitely wants that last one. ;)

  • TheodoreSeeber

    A sixth one, to go with the time: A Rosary with a copy of the Joyful Mysteries. I can think of no better example of Motherhood than Our Lady.

  • roughplacesplain

    The last one was the only thing I ever requested as a Mother’s Day gift (I didn’t request that the time alone be on Mother’s Day itself; any old day or weekend would have worked).