Lest ye lead anyone into sin…

It’s summer time. People are wearing fewer clothes, and the modesty debates have begun. Skirts vs. shorts for keeping cool, and what about bikinis? I say, fine, let them wear bikinis, let them wear whatever they want, as long as they pair them with some of these:


Pervert deflecting hairy stockings, Ladies, because we wouldn’t want to lead anyone into sin.

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  • Heloise1

    Yikes! No clue as to cost or I’d be tempted to buy a few pair for choice young friends.

    You do need to put out a warning about the side bar links in that story. Giant Snakes! Clunk-O-Doom.

  • Love those Hairy Legs

    Those look exactly like my husband’s legs. Whew…. he will deflect perverts. (Except I like them. AM I A PERVERT???)