Christmas in July

The four year old has been wearing red and white striped footy pajamas all day long, and now, it’s almost bedtime, they’re too filthy for sleep, and he wants to take one last stroll outside in the rain before he turns in. He get’s his coat out of the closet, and says, “Mom, I need you to zip this. I don’t want to go outside looking like this.”


“Like what?”


“Like this!” It should be obvious what the problems is, but I’m flummoxed. Is it the pajamas, the coat-pajama combo?


He gestures at the zipper, “I can’t have my coat open.”


So I zip it up, and his ensemble is complete: red coat, zipped up, red footy pajamas, long skinny legs, out the door to play on a rainy July evening.

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  • Heloise1

    Did you take a picture?
    I hope so. It is one of those moments you will cherish forever.
    It will be useful in coming years. I have photos like that, videos too, that could clear my home of a horde of loud and hungry teens in seconds.

    • Elizabeth Duffy

      I surely did take a picture. Blows my mind how cute he is sometimes.

  • Melanie B

    Four can be such a sweet age. After the storms of three have passed by….

  • TheReluctantWidow

    I love that age! Footy pj’s all day long in July? Why not!?! Can’t go out without the coat zipped up? “Well, duh, Mama. Sheesh it’s obvious.” And because I have 9 yr old boys that still use 4 yr old logic, I was informed the other day that Legos are “half play, half creative, half fun, and half learning.” Kids really do say/do the darndest things and I am going to miss it when all the innocence and creativity and goofy logic is gone from the house. Not too long for me, but you have many more years to enjoy it.