The baby is crawling. She’s in that stage that lasts from about nine to eighteen months where she could put anything in her mouth, she can go wherever she wants, and it is just not good for the baby to be alone.

Of course, who’d want to leave her?


So while I sit and watch her, I thought it might be fun to add to the cuteness, if that’s possible, and get a dog.

I’ve been missing my dog for the past year or so that he’s been gone. And I’ve been walking in the evening when the kids are heading to bed. I have felt the need to have an animal with me. Anyhoo, to make a long story short, I ended up with two pups instead of just one, and I can’t decide if this is the right thing for us or not. I get it will be twice the vet bill, twice the chow and poo, twice the training, but my neighbor insists that I won’t be sorry when they keep each other company all day long.

I think of getting a dog to keep ME company, though, because I like having a companion who keeps his mouth shut, who does what I say, and who likes me. And I like it when they get older and lay around the house sleeping. Comforting.

I don’t know. I’m worried that if I keep them both, they’ll gang up on me. Anyone with two dogs care to speak?

Of course, I would have a very hard time talking the kids out of keeping both.

Is it just me or do they kind of look alike?

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