The Thanksgiving Winners

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. It was my first time. I wasn’t sure if I’d pull it off, but I even (do I admit this out loud?) enjoyed it a little bit. Setting a table was fun. Family pitched in on the clean-up. The bird was fine to eat. The stuffing and the pecan bars, I  confess, were pretty darn good.

I used Ina’s stuffing recipe (without the apples).

Pecan bars from America’s test kitchen were super yum and easier than pie.

And I had some leftover crust from the pecan bars, which I turned into a crumble to put over the top of the sweet potatoes. I’m not a big fan of drippy sweet potato casseroles, so I roasted the potatoes, sliced them up in a buttered pan, dripped a little maple syrup over the top and then spread a light crumble. Good sweet potato taste, with enough special stuff on top to make it festive.

Might be worth repeating for Christmas.

The grown-up table, before food and people.

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