I Liked Divergent

My kids are on Spring Break this week. My daughter asked if we could go to the splash park."It's twenty degrees," I answered."Oh good! That means we can only do inside stuff!" she said.So, we've watched a few movies, and I'm not even going to feel bad about it.I took my older kids to see Divergent since they've already read the book, and I felt like I needed to catch up with them and see what they're thinking about.I'm not a big fan of teen lit. I started the Hunger Games … [Read more...]

Entrusting the Little Ones to Saint Joseph


It happens when you hang out with big Catholic families--you start accumulating God-children. With 33 children in the newest generation of my extended family, plus my friends' children, I have been blessed so far to Godmother eight souls.In addition, I've sponsored three Catechumens. I consider them my God-children as well.Here's what I've done to make sure I don't forget to pray for anyone:I've been making a small photo album with a picture of each God-child and their pertinent … [Read more...]

When Will My Work as a Catechist Bear Fruit?

The following letter regarding religious education recently came to the Patheos inbox: Dear Anchoress,I was asked to teach CCD to third graders making their First Reconciliation and First Communion. I am not a teacher. . .but having coached CYO (10-12-year-olds), and also having children (now adults), I agreed.I have been trying since September to “get into it.” I prepare each week, sometimes for over a few hours. There are eleven kids in the class. They mostly show up, [but] if there is … [Read more...]

Don’t Bury Us Alive!– How the Priest Shortage and Parish Closures Affect Religious Education


Our small-ish rural parish recently lost its resident priest. We now have a Parish Life Coordinator (PLC) who is a Sister from a nearby convent, and we share a priest with another nearby parish.Many fear that these measures are just the first step in the ultimate closure of our parish. The Archdiocese asked us to combine as many programs as possible with our sister parish, and to look at further means of cutting expenditures. One of the first things our PLC did** was fire our Director of … [Read more...]

Becoming More Human


With special thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for recalling this old post from 2009, I'm giving it another run.   Celebrity cellist, Yo-Yo Ma performed with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra this week. Tickets sold out many months in advance, so sitting at home rather than in concert finery, I’ve been inclined to read the reviews. Raving positive, they can only be, or Indianapolis may never see such a headliner again, but our local classical music reviewer (I’ll … [Read more...]

Choosing to Serve One Master


I decided to quit writing in my current journal because I didn't like the way it felt under hand. I was avoiding writing due to an inadequate tool. It felt indulgent to leave half the pages blank and call it finished, but there was a liberation there too. If something really is not working, you've got to start fresh. I've often forced myself to write in tiny print, often doubling up per line, filling all pages front and back so as not to waste paper, but I've given myself permission to double … [Read more...]

SoulCore: A Mary-led, Spirit-led Workout

About a month ago, a dear friend of mine had a birthday. To celebrate with her we went to the SoulCore studio on the Northside of Indianapolis and experienced the SoulCore workout, which pairs core strengthening exercises with meditation on the Rosary.I was so captivated by the project--which got me back into the habit of saying the daily Rosary--and also with the story of how it came to fruition, I wrote it up. The story is in the Washington Post, On Faith blog today: Natural light streams … [Read more...]