Casting a Wide Net

Pope Francis is on the cover of Rolling Stone. He was Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." He's been the darling of so many liberal media outlets now, we can be certain that his message has been misinterpreted or willfully misheard in order to send a false signal of changing times for the Catholic Church.The media thinks in opposite terms from the Church, after all. It approves of abortion, it thinks marriage is kind of a bad idea for heterosexual couples, but a great idea for gay … [Read more...]

Pope Francis’s Consistent and Boldly Proclaimed Pro-life Message.

News has circulated this week about Pope Francis baptizing 32 infants in Rome. During his homily, he told the infants' mothers to go ahead and feed the babies if they're hungry. Breastfeed them in Church, in the Sistine Chapel even. It was also noted that he baptized the baby of a couple who were in an irregular marriage.Why is any of this news? Why does it matter? Because the Pope has declared anything goes and he really wants to relax the standards at the Vatican?No.It matters … [Read more...]

Must Get This Album: Mavis Staples

One True Vine … [Read more...]

Keeping Christ in Christmas


* Oh, my my. I'm not going to pretend that we're good Catholics who keep the Christmas season rolling out until the Epiphany. There's definitely a sense here that celebration has come and gone, that messes have been made, and the survivors are wandering and trudging knee-deep in the aftermath. Slowly one pile at a time of laundry and toys is carried upstairs, and maybe put away, but more likely dropped in another pile to be addressed on another day.Each child is happy with his loot--so … [Read more...]

To Wait, To Wait

Last night my husband asked me what I had to do today, and I felt a wave of existential dread, as in--Tomorrow? Another stupid day to try and fill with meaning? He says I only get this way when it's that time of the month for me, which I will not fully concede.But I'm ashamed to admit that I'm actually looking forward to Monday when one of my kids is scheduled for minor surgery. I will have a purpose on that day, to sit in the hospital halls and be "the mother" in an official and public … [Read more...]

Who Gets to Be Happy?

I wonder why it is always more difficult to accept happiness and joy than it is to accept misery. The Angel Appears to Zachariah (Luke 1:5-25):  "Do not be afraid, because your prayer has been heard…you will have joy and gladness…"  The Angel of God has told Zachariah exactly how his prayers will be answered-- that he will have joy and gladness-- but Zachariah does not believe it.I am convinced more than ever that it is necessary to wage war on the voice of self-criticism. I will n … [Read more...]

Middle School Madness

I've been doing a bit of memoir-izing about middle school now that my kids are in the thick of it, just trying to get a handle on my feelings about it. Terribly self indulgent, and a little salty too, so I've put it at the old place.Click at your own risk. Part I--Anger Issues Part II--A World of Cuss Part III--The Nutcracker (Not a Christmas Ballet) Part IV--Primal Joys I imagine there will be a conclusion forthcoming. … [Read more...]