The Art of Raising a Puppy

Thanks to Manny for the recommendation! I can't wait to read this book! … [Read more...]



1.The baby is crawling. She's in that stage that lasts from about nine to eighteen months where she could put anything in her mouth, she can go wherever she wants, and it is just not good for the baby to be alone.2.So while I sit and watch her, I thought it might be fun to add to the cuteness, if that's possible, and get a dog.I've been missing my dog for the past year or so that he's been gone. And I've been walking in the evening when the kids are heading to bed. I have … [Read more...]

Word Made Flesh

We had our new priest over for dinner Friday night. I love him. Everyone loves him. Not because he has a big personality, or because he gives exceptionally charismatic homilies. In fact, he's quite reserved, but also reverent, and I wondered how he would be at our dinner table, if we would break through that "priestly" exterior, and see the man himself.I wanted to gather his impressions about our Parish, see what he thought of our people, and of our little place in the world. Would he have … [Read more...]

The Virtual Binge

mmmm....delicious virtual cookies...

It's four o'clock somewhere, as they say...SUGAR TIME!Dig through the cabinets... isn't there enough stuff here for a little cookie dough? Do I have chocolate chips? Eggs?Yes, I do.I can make it for the kids. Yes! The kids! They would love me if I made them some cookies. And it would show them that I love them as well.Love...sugar...I'm so hungry...and I will be so fat...if I follow through on this plan...and I'm trying not to be fat...but I am so hungry and … [Read more...]


Boy, pushing a pile of laundry from the bottom of the stairs to the laundry room:"Come on, laundry! You've got to MOVE! This may be the most important journey in your Puny! Little! Life!" … [Read more...]

“Let Everything that Breathes Praise the Lord!”

(Psalm 150) I watered the plants this morning before the sun was up. Because of the ninety degree days, half of my plants were not only wilted, but scorched. I sort of hate the foreboding of deep summer humidity in the morning because the mosquitoes are agitated, and you know the humidity will only increase when the sun comes up.Sometimes I do yard work in my nightgown if I can get away with it. At this hour only an occasional school bus passes the house, which from the kids' … [Read more...]


Me: "Nope. No more talking to me. I'm done parenting today. From now on report all your problems to Dad."Boy: "OK. See you tomorrow then, for another long, hard day of parenting." … [Read more...]