Writing Lessons with Tolstoy


Lucky for me, I never finished reading War and Peace when I was in high school, which means, I have something good to read now. I've been searching for months for a decent book, and it never once occurred to me to pick up War and Peace because I remember some very pleasant drawing room scenes that abruptly cut off to very boring battlefield scenes that I would put down and never pick up again.My husband downloaded the book on Audible to listen to when he's driving, and at night sometimes … [Read more...]

Theme Thursday: Boys


This is what the boys do at our house. They fly (with the assistance of a trampoline). Visit Clan Donaldson for more Theme Thursday Boys in Action. … [Read more...]

Prayers for Boston

It always seems ridiculous to blog when something horrible happens. I'd been meaning for a couple weeks to write about how proud I am that my sister recently qualified to run the Boston Marathon. It had seemed like that might be a nice distraction from the heightened security concerns in and around Guam where she lives.I feel so sorry for those aspirants and participants whose hopes of running Boston have been tarnished by this event. And most especially, I'm praying for those injured and … [Read more...]

The Repulsive Truth

My daughter and I were on our way to the store when she said something like, "When I grow up, I'm only going to have one child.""Why only one?" I asked."I just think it would be easier."I have to admit that at first pass, I was a tiny bit worried about my daughter's life plan, not the number of kids, but the "easier" part. I feared she was developing the dreaded "contraceptive mentality" that fears hardship of any kind but especially that which comes in the shape of children. I … [Read more...]

Strength for loving

Beside me this morning is a child at the breakfast table vigorously chewing a Fuji apple and explaining to me the mutative abilities of a small vehicle based on the particular placement of a certain lego brick. Sometimes the vehicle is a plow, sometimes a combine, depending on whether that brick is before it, behind it, or occasionally, totally removed. He is absolutely enthralled by the powers of his own creation, as he sends the vehicle making tracks through a mungy brown field of mixed up … [Read more...]

I don’t trust the weather.


It's April, and in Indiana there is not a spot of green on any tree in sight. I'm guessing that any minute now, Spring is going to come on hard and fast, and then it will be over in the blink of an eye like a virgin's wedding night. Of course last year, Spring was precocious and that worried me too.Here's a post I wrote at about this time last year, just for kicks: * Nine a.m., and I was walking around the dew-shot yard in my pajamas, with bed-head, a cup of coffee in one hand and an … [Read more...]

Five Favorites


Linking up with Hallie and Jen today to highlight my five favorite things this week. 1.After Pope Francis, I think this pic was the second best thing to come out of the conclave:This is why I never believed my mother when she told me that smoking doesn't make you look cool.H/T Korrektiv2.My Fitness Pal. Now that Lent is over and all the pressure is off, I can begin my diet without spiritual neurosis. I've tried a lot of different online tools … [Read more...]