Singing From the Grave

It was the seven-year-old's birthday. At religious ed the night before, I willed myself to look forward to the prayer time, since it would be in the Sanctuary where Jesus is, and sometimes we say the Rosary or have Benediction. But unfortunately the prayer turned out to be "Praise singing."I'd been hankering for something solemn and silent, but our music minister usually does praise singing at a tempo too fast and a key too high for my voice, and sometimes she steps away from the piano in an … [Read more...]


I need to clear off my desk. Yesterday, I went through all the papers in my secretary, paid bills, and threw a bunch of stuff away. Felt good. Today, I need to clear my virtual desktop. When I'm blogging something, I usually open a blank page on my laptop, and write down as many sentences as I have available to me on a particular topic that's on my mind. I leave the page open, and as the day goes on, I'll swing by my desk and drop off a sentence or two, here and there, as it comes.Later, … [Read more...]

The Idiot Christian: How to be Inconvenient to Classify

For better or worse now, my children go before me into the world, and for the most part they have brought some very good people into our lives. They've chosen good friends for themselves, and their friends' parents' have been trustworthy faithful people.We're on a bigger playing field now at the middle school, a huge one, actually, and the easiest way to approach it is to divide everyone into their appropriate tribes and deal with the people we're likely to see most often.Some of these … [Read more...]

Change and Surrender

The Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary: "In her it is always Jesus we meet..." (Father Maurice Zundel)  I'm sad. Our Religious Education program on Wednesday nights no longer serves dinner. "It was always the same people every week… a big waste of money…" someone explained about the reasons why the dinner was ditched.I hadn't realized dinner was canceled. Our DRE offered it as a courtesy to families trying to get to class on time, because she knew it was c … [Read more...]

Back to School Quick Takes

I think I'll get a jump start on my quick takes, since I have a minute right now that I am not likely to have again soon. It's been a very busy couple of weeks. 1. The kids started school last week. Two of my kids are in middle school this year, sixth and seventh grade. This is a new experience for all of us, since I home schooled my now seventh grader last year for sixth grade. He didn't know the middle school ways, the middle school kids, how to dress--and frankly, neither did I, … [Read more...]

Destroying Your Marriage 101: How to do Everything Right and Still Get it Wrong

My husband and I went out to dinner recently, and as we were deciding where to go, it became clear that he had dined at nearly every restaurant in the city at some point in the past 14 years of entertaining clients and co-workers. In spite of my desire to believe that working full time to support a family is demanding and stressful, I started to feel concern that maybe his life really is more fun than mine.My husband and I spend a lot of time working side by side around the house, rearing … [Read more...]

The Gift of the Priesthood

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has just put out this wonderful new video: "The Gift of the Priesthood."What I love about this particular video as opposed to similar past efforts meant to drum up interest in the priesthood, is that it captures the dignity of the priestly vocation using the sounds and surrounds of an actual priest-- the music of the Church, images of the Church and its people-- rather than an heroic movie soundtrack with a stylized vision of the priesthood.There are … [Read more...]