Marriage as a crime prevention program

George Weigel nails it on Hard Ball with Chris Matthews in reference to the claim that a married clergy would prevent sexual abuse:"I don't think anyone ought to think of marriage as a remedy for sexually immature people. Marriage is not a crime prevention program."(begins around 3:20)Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy  The thing that always strikes me about this argument, that married clergy might prevent future sexual abuse in … [Read more...]

Possible Arson at Catholic Church in Indianapolis

Police are investigating a fire and a possible arson at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fire crews first responded to a fire alarm around 4:15 a.m., then notified Pastor Rick Nagel at the rectory next door. When they investigated the alarm, the found a small fire involving hymnals burning inside the church.Fire crews quickly put out the fire. This is the same beautiful Church featured in the popular youtube video "Open Wide the D … [Read more...]

The worst articles I’ve read all week

Something's gotten into me. I didn't feel like fighting all week long, but today...I'm jumpy. So here are the worst articles I've read this week: 1.Breastfeeding baby doll: creepy or groundbreaking?Mostly, I can't believe anyone would take issue with a baby doll that "eats" in the fashion in which babies have taken their nourishment since the beginning of time. "I just want the kids to be kids," Bill O'Reilly said on his Fox News show when he learned of the Breast Milk Baby. "And this … [Read more...]

I have no comment on the election

I'm glad it's over, and hope and pray that the barking dogs will stop barking very soon.In its aftermath, I'm left with an overwhelming desire to go on a pilgrimage.I want to see beautiful things. Not just see them, actually, I want to eat, breathe, and drink in beauty. And by beauty, I don't just mean good pasta and ice-cream, or a lovely slice of peach in the evening sun. I mean something that's been touched by grace--a drop of God's blood on the steps he walked to Calvary, a fiber … [Read more...]