What Are Women For?


* After our dune climb the other day, the sun came out just as we made it down to the lake. Within minutes, it pushed the clouds out altogether and my husband I were able to swim with the kids. I sat on a sand bar, letting the waves come up over my lap. It was so cold, but felt like an ice bath on my knees and ankles which were stiff from the climb.My husband and I played frisbee in the waves, which felt liberating because the sun was out on my dimpled thighs, every shadow and flaw in the … [Read more...]

Kinds of Sinners

 Heather King has written another fantastic post outlining the homily she would like to hear someday:  "To be a follower of Christ is to participate in the victory of love over fear. And just on the off-chance we've veered from our place at the back of the church with the tax collector, folks, we’re not "following the rules" so we can look good in the eyes of our also-following-the-rules fellow church-goers. Come ON, my brothers and sisters! Those people were the PHARISEES! T … [Read more...]

Sex, Shame, and the Superbowl

 There was something very wrong about the Beyonce act during half-time of the Super Bowl. The thing that was wrong about it was also wrong with a commercial that aired several times during the bowl for a show called Two Broke Girls that featured the main characters of that show performing a striptease, with a pole, licking icing off their fingers, etc. It was also wrong with a "Go-Daddy" commercial in which the model Bar Rafeali, represented the "sexy" side of the business, and a … [Read more...]

What does help for moms look like?

My husband has traveled for work since the earliest days of our marriage. On a good week, he might only have one overnight. On less good occasions, he's gone for two weeks at a time. In the earlier days, when he came home from a trip, there was always a struggle with reentry. I was ready to sit down and take a load off--he was too--and we miscommunicated about who was "on" for the kids.At times, it seemed more difficult when he was home than when he was away, because when he was home, I was … [Read more...]

Indecency: In the eye of the beholder?

My extended family is half Catholic, half Protestant. When the Catholics get together, there are numerous children and babies. As a consequence, there's a lot of breastfeeding going on. A couple of the women have mastered the art of breastfeeding with one arm while walking around the kitchen preparing food. Others prefer to sit around talking, often with the men, while nursing a child. We're discrete about it--not exposing more than necessary to get the job done, but most of us have lost … [Read more...]