Five Favorites

Don't ask me to explain the mule.

Well, it's been a long hard three-day week for me. I got caught in a flash flood with six kids and no cell phone, spent two hours sitting in a men's bathroom at a park waiting for reprieve which didn't come, finally wade-ran through a field filled with three feet of water to my home so I could drive a truck back to my chick-a-dees and get us all safe in dry clothes. In the days following, we've been carrying logs back and forth from the tree that fell down in the storm to the burn pile. In … [Read more...]

Five Favorites


Join Hallie for more of this week's:1.I noticed Hallie's posting on essential oils. A friend of mine sells doTERRA essential oils, and this "InTune" blend is supposed to help improve focus. Because one of my kids has received an ADD diagnosis, I thought I would see if this did anything for him.It didn't. And his classmates said it made him smell funny.Not surprising. It contains Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, etc. Lots of pretty smells that a scho … [Read more...]

Five Favorites


Linking up with Hallie and Jen today to highlight my five favorite things this week. 1.After Pope Francis, I think this pic was the second best thing to come out of the conclave:This is why I never believed my mother when she told me that smoking doesn't make you look cool.H/T Korrektiv2.My Fitness Pal. Now that Lent is over and all the pressure is off, I can begin my diet without spiritual neurosis. I've tried a lot of different online tools … [Read more...]

My Berry Favorites


I'm linking up to Moxie Wife's five favorites  today.I've felt join-y lately. I want to be where the party is. So here are five things I really like: 1.I call this picture "Afternoon Delight." I don't know which part of it is my favorite part:Frozen blueberries on Greek yogurt, which is my current favorite snack. I eat really big bowls of it. And it's cold, so you have to eat it slow, which is good, because by the time I'm done eating it, I feel like I've … [Read more...]