Called by Name: A Fierce and Fearsome Theology of Woman

Mom and Mary 004

I went to a retreat Saturday morning, which I was ambivalent about attending, mostly because I worried I'd be sitting in a chair all day feeling hungry. Weak coffee and stale donated bagels are sort of a stubborn fact of women's retreats, and I don't stomach either well. I faced a bagel and a V-8 from my brown bag every day for lunch throughout grade school because I packed my own, and now I avoid them. As it happened, I missed the bagel moment of the morning by dragging my feet, and by lunch … [Read more...]

Oh, Eden!

  “You are exactly where you need to be. You chose correctly. There is nothing better than what God has given you: your family, your kids, your home. There is NOTHING better. Your life is Eden, and the Devil loves to make you think there is something more. That’s how he tempted Eve, and how Eve lost paradise.” Photo Essay Here … [Read more...]

What I’m Not Writing, and Why I’m Not Writing it

Julia, who is one of my favorite bloggers, who is able to see difficult circumstances with faith and practical wisdom, whose blog archives are worthy of long slow perusal, who humbly supports her family by writing at numerous places, has tagged me in a blog series in which participants answer four questions on their writing process. Some participants have written long thoughtful answers, some have answered in brief. Interested parties can follow the conversation from blog to blog. I've already … [Read more...]

Strange Alliances

I tried to move the kids towards clearing the table, and brushing their teeth for bed, but no one moved. My voice rose in pitch, and it became unclear to whom I was speaking, so my husband sent me out for a walk, which I was more than happy to take.I enjoy claiming the dusk hour as my own, necessary for recollection at the end of the day, though it's hard to tell what hour I wouldn't claim for my own if given a chance to claim them all. In any case, the hour was given, and I accepted, and … [Read more...]

“Let Everything that Breathes Praise the Lord!”

(Psalm 150) I watered the plants this morning before the sun was up. Because of the ninety degree days, half of my plants were not only wilted, but scorched. I sort of hate the foreboding of deep summer humidity in the morning because the mosquitoes are agitated, and you know the humidity will only increase when the sun comes up.Sometimes I do yard work in my nightgown if I can get away with it. At this hour only an occasional school bus passes the house, which from the kids' … [Read more...]

Singing From the Grave

It was the seven-year-old's birthday. At religious ed the night before, I willed myself to look forward to the prayer time, since it would be in the Sanctuary where Jesus is, and sometimes we say the Rosary or have Benediction. But unfortunately the prayer turned out to be "Praise singing."I'd been hankering for something solemn and silent, but our music minister usually does praise singing at a tempo too fast and a key too high for my voice, and sometimes she steps away from the piano in an … [Read more...]

Change and Surrender

The Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary: "In her it is always Jesus we meet..." (Father Maurice Zundel)  I'm sad. Our Religious Education program on Wednesday nights no longer serves dinner. "It was always the same people every week… a big waste of money…" someone explained about the reasons why the dinner was ditched.I hadn't realized dinner was canceled. Our DRE offered it as a courtesy to families trying to get to class on time, because she knew it was c … [Read more...]