Quick Takes: Fights, Flies, and the Sleep of all Sleeps

1.My daughter is sitting on the couch eating a popsicle. She has bed head and her glasses on the end of her nose while she reads a book. She looks just a tiny bit like an old woman in her loud floral printed culottes (where did those come from?) and a shadow of dirt on the soles of her feet.She has cultivated a severely eclectic summer style of dressing, like the royal blue Justice shirt with an attached sequined vest that she bought with her own money at Goodwill. Her brothers have been … [Read more...]

Making Friends, Loving Enemies

*It was thirty degrees at the soccer fields on Saturday morning, and after a couple of hours in the wind, I retreated to the car to wait out the end of the games. I was parked next to an extended passenger van, with three or four kids in it, who had removed their shoes and were doing flips over the seats. They were presided over by a short, freckled fifth grader, whom I've seen around town, occasionally with his mother or father and several siblings. I've often thought I should make friends … [Read more...]

Strength for loving

Beside me this morning is a child at the breakfast table vigorously chewing a Fuji apple and explaining to me the mutative abilities of a small vehicle based on the particular placement of a certain lego brick. Sometimes the vehicle is a plow, sometimes a combine, depending on whether that brick is before it, behind it, or occasionally, totally removed. He is absolutely enthralled by the powers of his own creation, as he sends the vehicle making tracks through a mungy brown field of mixed up … [Read more...]

I don’t trust the weather.


It's April, and in Indiana there is not a spot of green on any tree in sight. I'm guessing that any minute now, Spring is going to come on hard and fast, and then it will be over in the blink of an eye like a virgin's wedding night. Of course last year, Spring was precocious and that worried me too.Here's a post I wrote at about this time last year, just for kicks: * Nine a.m., and I was walking around the dew-shot yard in my pajamas, with bed-head, a cup of coffee in one hand and an … [Read more...]

This day you will be with me in Paradise


Journal: Holy Week *I am currently in the car, sitting in the parking lot at church, stealing a few minutes alone while my older kids eat the free soup supper at the Parish Hall, and my husband is home with the baby.I put my cell phone on vibrate during Stations of the Cross anticipating my husband's call which came exactly 30 minutes after I walked out the door. When I checked my voicemail, I heard only the frigid tones of my baby screaming, which caused my milk to let … [Read more...]

A Rockstar’s View of the World

My oldest son took the ISTEP standardized test recently in a conference room at a local Ivy Tech center. He's home-schooled through the K12 virtual academy, so he'd never met any of his classmates, though he'd spoken to some of them online, and I could tell he was a little self-conscious going in there. He didn't want to carry his lunch bag for one thing because it was a brown paper bag with his name on it, and one time in second grade somebody called it his "barf bag." We sat down … [Read more...]

Rolling in the deeps: scattered thoughts on love, death, and food


*For Lent, I'm trying to write in my journal every day, pen and paper, for thirty minutes. Lately, I haven't been able to compose anything online--because I'm distractible, and do that thing where I think I'm just going to check my favorite sites, and end up forgetting who and where I am, and whatever it was I wanted to write. What's nice about writing on paper though is that without the delete and edit features of a computer, I am guaranteed to write imperfectly, without filter. And barring … [Read more...]