The Repulsive Truth

My daughter and I were on our way to the store when she said something like, "When I grow up, I'm only going to have one child.""Why only one?" I asked."I just think it would be easier."I have to admit that at first pass, I was a tiny bit worried about my daughter's life plan, not the number of kids, but the "easier" part. I feared she was developing the dreaded "contraceptive mentality" that fears hardship of any kind but especially that which comes in the shape of children. I … [Read more...]

Caught Stealing

I caught my kids stealing last night. One of them turned up with two fifty cent pieces--and we never have fifty cent pieces circulating around here, so I assumed they came from elsewhere--maybe a friend from school.One of the other kids said that the first had stolen the pieces from him. But where did he get them? Turns out, he got them from a third child, who'd offered to trade the coins he "found in Mom's drawer" (antique ones, at that) for some Legos. Three kids, each with their hands in … [Read more...]

Wonder Mother

Last night at 2 A.M. the storm sirens went off. I shook my husband awake to look at the news, and went upstairs to bring down the kids. The last thing I'd read before falling asleep earlier in the night, was a Smithsonian article about a Russian family who'd survived for forty years in the Taiga without encountering another human being. They'd fled their home due to religious persecution, taking seeds, a loom, and a spinning wheel. As supplies ran out, they became more and more … [Read more...]

Looking for signs of God (in all the wrong places)

According to the Mayan calendar, this should be my last blog post. Doomsday prep-ers must be satisfied with the ominous weather we've had, the howling wind, recent hurricanes. And if anyone were looking for cultural signs of apocalypse, well, the culture has put out. For my own part, I spent last night in the hospital with complications from flu and asthma-- asthma being one of the many maladies I only experience when pregnant. I had an acute asthma attack--found myself for a few … [Read more...]

What does help for moms look like?

My husband has traveled for work since the earliest days of our marriage. On a good week, he might only have one overnight. On less good occasions, he's gone for two weeks at a time. In the earlier days, when he came home from a trip, there was always a struggle with reentry. I was ready to sit down and take a load off--he was too--and we miscommunicated about who was "on" for the kids.At times, it seemed more difficult when he was home than when he was away, because when he was home, I was … [Read more...]