Just being a mom

So, If I don't go into labor in the next 24 hours, I'll be induced early tomorrow morning (January 8). On that note, I continue to piggy-back off of other writers here at Patheos. Calah, of Barefoot and Pregnant continues to suss out the challenges of stay-at-home motherhood, and I thought I might dredge up an old post from when I was in the thick of it, almost five years ago--with lots of little people in diapers--not because it contains much wisdom, but because it might just be another … [Read more...]

What you think you want, is never really what you want

(My colleague here at Patheos, Sam Rocha, has a lovely meditation up on his blog called Education, the Craft of Desire. He raised some familiar themes for me, particularly this idea that we are rarely the authority on what we really want out of life. Here's a piece I wrote a couple years ago on my old blog dealing with a similar topic. I'd also add, that if you do not already subscribe to Magnificat Magazine, it would make a great late Christmas present to … [Read more...]

The Irresistible Draw of Isolation

My husband grew a beard this winter. I like the way it looks on him--sort of rugged and manly--but I've noticed it doesn't really invite you to get closer. It obscures some of my favorite parts of his face--his dimpled chin, the soft part of his cheek.Over the Christmas break, when we didn't have much to do but lie around getting over the flu, I had occasion to spend a little more time looking at him with his beard, and I was reminded of those earlier years of marriage when I'd frequently … [Read more...]

Looking for signs of God (in all the wrong places)

According to the Mayan calendar, this should be my last blog post. Doomsday prep-ers must be satisfied with the ominous weather we've had, the howling wind, recent hurricanes. And if anyone were looking for cultural signs of apocalypse, well, the culture has put out. For my own part, I spent last night in the hospital with complications from flu and asthma-- asthma being one of the many maladies I only experience when pregnant. I had an acute asthma attack--found myself for a few … [Read more...]

Communication: building a relationship with the Church

After the conversation last week on how the Church might be able to help mothers of many young children, it became clear to me that Parish life really is a two way street. Just as there are many variations in mothers and their particular needs, there are also enormous variations in Parish life and its offerings.In all the posts and comboxes that followed the discussion, one thing seemed clear: If I want to have more of the Church in my life, I have to get involved in the life of the … [Read more...]

What does help for moms look like?

My husband has traveled for work since the earliest days of our marriage. On a good week, he might only have one overnight. On less good occasions, he's gone for two weeks at a time. In the earlier days, when he came home from a trip, there was always a struggle with reentry. I was ready to sit down and take a load off--he was too--and we miscommunicated about who was "on" for the kids.At times, it seemed more difficult when he was home than when he was away, because when he was home, I was … [Read more...]

What Co-creation Really Feels Like

On the cereal box, there's always some arbitrary recipe that's supposed to induce you to pour out the whole box at once to make "bran cookies" or some other non-dessert. Add your Frosted Flakes, all ten cups of it, to a bowl of peanuts and apricots--and voila--you have twelve cups of trail mix that no one wants to eat, and there's nothing you can do about it now. The potion is mixed. You can leave it out on the counter in a plastic bag indefinitely, or you can throw it away and start over.So … [Read more...]