The Privilege of Distraction

I'm an insulin dependent gestational diabetic, which means that this stage of my pregnancy often finds me spending lots of time at the hospital for weekly non-stress tests, for more frequent ultrasounds, and for analysis of my diet and blood sugars. I don't like the risk to the baby, but I do feel a little bit of comfort in these last weeks at having something "to do."The rolling of the vial, the flicking of the needle, the pricking fingertips and stabbing of my abdomen with the shot of … [Read more...]

Indecency: In the eye of the beholder?

My extended family is half Catholic, half Protestant. When the Catholics get together, there are numerous children and babies. As a consequence, there's a lot of breastfeeding going on. A couple of the women have mastered the art of breastfeeding with one arm while walking around the kitchen preparing food. Others prefer to sit around talking, often with the men, while nursing a child. We're discrete about it--not exposing more than necessary to get the job done, but most of us have lost … [Read more...]

How to like women

In conferences, my daughter's third grade teacher mentioned that the girls in her classroom have developed a small kingdom with hierarchy and ranks that cause distractions in class. She laid out the structure for me like this:Queen Bee--rules the roost Sidekick--supports her Banker--controls the currency--keeps track of information, gossip and tattle tales Floaters--move among the different groups Wannabes--strive to the upper tiers through negative immitation and the … [Read more...]