The God of Reality

Trout Lily

After Easter dessert at my parents' house, my husband and I went out to jog around the block, which is a weird sort of date we find enjoyable sometimes. It's the best of both worlds--time alone, time together in a pastoral landscape--since often one of us will feel the need to push on harder and run ahead, and then we each enjoy a bit of solitude as well.It was the first reliably warm day we've had this Spring, and my parents' house is very remote, where white steepled burgs of a few hundred … [Read more...]

Underskins of Gold

I've encountered a few Holy People in my lifetime, and recently too-- people who appear to be salt of the earth, but when you start scratching their surface you find layer after layer of pure gold, or a crystalized interior like a geode. Even their underskins have been purified and refined, and the mystery of their interior tabernacle draws me closer, making me want to both be with and be like them.I know that I experience genuinely holy longings myself, but one would only need to scratch me … [Read more...]

Just Keep Going

I like to take walks at night now that it's warm outside and sit and have a cigarette on the handicapped swing at the park across the street from me. The dog sits next to me, and I look at the moon, which is mostly full, as the park lights go off, one section at a time. This is a freedom to be able to do, and so the heartbreaks of the afternoon seem less heartbreaking, because even the worst day can come to a satisfying end.I took the kids to Stations of the Cross, and I thought it started … [Read more...]

After This Our Exile

Photo essay here. … [Read more...]

Surprising Redemption and Change


... are what I hoped to get out of Lent this year, though I recognize the irony in speaking of what one hopes to receive from a liturgical season marked by sacrifice and penance.I still do always go into Lent with a hopeful attitude that this year will be different, that my sacrifices will be successful, that I'll end the forty days a little closer to sainthood, because my resolutions were good ones, the kind designed to crush sin and purify my soul.So a good design, but user error, as … [Read more...]

Getting what you paid for

Our dishwasher died last week. It had served us well for seven years, even having lived a whole other life with another family before we even met it. Nevertheless, we were anxious, not only to replace it, but to upgrade to an even more trustworthy dishwasher.My husband did the research, he found an online dealer that offered discount prices, and we sort of came to a consensus (though he was more consenting than I was) that you get what you pay for when it comes to dishwashers. And we paid … [Read more...]

Do you subscribe to Living Faith?

If not, you may have missed my meditation there on Monday. … [Read more...]