Immediate Book Meme

Hosted at Darwin Catholic  "There are plenty of memes that want to know all about your book history and your all-time greats and your grand ambitions, but let's focus on something more revealing: the books you're actually reading now, or just read, or are about to read. Let's call it The Immediate Book Meme." 1. What book are you reading now?Rose by Martin Cruz Smith 2. What book did you just finish?I'd revise this question to say "What's the last book you … [Read more...]

The Talking Cure: Blogging as Self Help

"The downcast, the depressed, the discouraged--people only wanted to be well-liked. Earlier in the twentieth century, the worried masses had been driven to doctors for their hysteria and neurasthenia, but by 1936, when How to Win Friends was published, patent medicines and rest cures had fallen out of favor as treatments for middle-class malaise. Carnegie thought he knew why. "Many persons call a doctor when all they want is an audience," he wrote. If those earlier cures had worked, it was only … [Read more...]

Kinship in Christ

My husband and I went out to dinner last night, and at the restaurant, I saw a man who looked very familiar to me. It wasn't someone I had met before. The familiarity was of a different nature, like seeing character traits of my family members manifest in a complete stranger. When we first moved to this town, my aunt told me that we had distant relatives here. She gave me their names, but I had never met them, and had no idea what they looked like.I asked our waitress, who seemed to know … [Read more...]

A Kind of Catechesis

VIII.I tremble with gratitudefor my children and their childrenwho take pleasure in one another. At our dinners together, the deadenter and pass among usin living love and in memory And so the young are taught.--Wendell Berry    … [Read more...]

Kicking Catechesis Out of the Classroom

Joanne K McPortland has started a conversation on Catechesis. In her post: What's Really Wrong With Catholic Religious Education? Everything. she fleshes out why parents, not children, should be the focus of religious education. "Catechesis follows evangelization," she writes, "and it has just never worked to catechize children and expect them to evangelize their parents." It's a great post, and should be read in entirety. She hits many key points.The Crescat, however, observes that parents … [Read more...]

Casting a Wide Net

Pope Francis is on the cover of Rolling Stone. He was Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." He's been the darling of so many liberal media outlets now, we can be certain that his message has been misinterpreted or willfully misheard in order to send a false signal of changing times for the Catholic Church.The media thinks in opposite terms from the Church, after all. It approves of abortion, it thinks marriage is kind of a bad idea for heterosexual couples, but a great idea for gay … [Read more...]

Pope Francis’s Consistent and Boldly Proclaimed Pro-life Message.

News has circulated this week about Pope Francis baptizing 32 infants in Rome. During his homily, he told the infants' mothers to go ahead and feed the babies if they're hungry. Breastfeed them in Church, in the Sistine Chapel even. It was also noted that he baptized the baby of a couple who were in an irregular marriage.Why is any of this news? Why does it matter? Because the Pope has declared anything goes and he really wants to relax the standards at the Vatican?No.It matters … [Read more...]