Prayers for Boston

It always seems ridiculous to blog when something horrible happens. I'd been meaning for a couple weeks to write about how proud I am that my sister recently qualified to run the Boston Marathon. It had seemed like that might be a nice distraction from the heightened security concerns in and around Guam where she lives.I feel so sorry for those aspirants and participants whose hopes of running Boston have been tarnished by this event. And most especially, I'm praying for those injured and … [Read more...]

Strength for loving

Beside me this morning is a child at the breakfast table vigorously chewing a Fuji apple and explaining to me the mutative abilities of a small vehicle based on the particular placement of a certain lego brick. Sometimes the vehicle is a plow, sometimes a combine, depending on whether that brick is before it, behind it, or occasionally, totally removed. He is absolutely enthralled by the powers of his own creation, as he sends the vehicle making tracks through a mungy brown field of mixed up … [Read more...]

Pray like the Pope at the end of his Papacy

In Pope Benedict XVI's last audience at the Vatican he said: I feel I [ought to] carry everyone in prayer, in a present that is God’s, where I recall every meeting, every voyage, every pastoral visit. I gather everyone and every thing in prayerful recollection, in order to entrust them to the Lord: in order that we might have full knowledge of His will, with every wisdom and spiritual understanding, and in order that we might comport ourselves in a manner that is worthy of Him, of His, bearing f … [Read more...]

Digital Communication and Schism in the Church

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 4.37.43 PM

 ******************************************************************************************************************  I started off Lent in a little disagreement with a woman at Church. For two days we'd been sending off emails, one after another, becoming increasingly enmeshed in battle. I pointed out a problem in her first note. She self-defended, and brought in someone else to blame. I defended the third party--and before I knew it, I was kneeling at Ash … [Read more...]

Sex, Shame, and the Superbowl


 There was something very wrong about the Beyonce act during half-time of the Super Bowl. The thing that was wrong about it was also wrong with a commercial that aired several times during the bowl for a show called Two Broke Girls that featured the main characters of that show performing a striptease, with a pole, licking icing off their fingers, etc. It was also wrong with a "Go-Daddy" commercial in which the model Bar Rafeali, represented the "sexy" side of the business, and a … [Read more...]


I am doing Quick Takes this week at my old blog, because it's all about how fat and lazy I am right now, and this is a professional space--see? … [Read more...]

Hope Everyone feels made new by the Christmas Season

(I really just want a French Nanny to give me a bath and put me to sleep.) … [Read more...]