Redeeming Abstinence (Part2)

It's not in vogue to talk about abstinence, for the reasons Calah outlined so well--that the term has been hijacked so that it means different things to different people, and to most people it has a very negative connotation.We live in a culture that doesn't want to tell anyone no. And as Catholics, we are not immune to adopting a mentality that sacrifice and self-denial are somehow in conflict with our dignity as persons. Not true.Christ on the Cross loved sacrifice and self-denial, not … [Read more...]

In Defense of Abstinence (As opposed to abstinence-only education)

Elizabeth Smart's criticism of abstinence-only sex education has set off a firestorm of commentary about purity culture, and how Catholics in particular should think about sex-ed.Calah Alexander has written an impassioned plea to do away with metaphors that imply someone is used up once they've had sex: "If you had sex before marriage, it was like someone took a huge drink of your water, swished it around in their mouths, and then spat it back into the glass. The more sex you had, the … [Read more...]

New From Korrektiv Records!


Well, here's something fun:Through the wonders of modern technology, I have been able to collaborate (in a very small way) with author/songwriter Matthew Lickona, and a few very talented musicians to sing back-up vocals on the first song release from the Korrektiv Records Album, "Good Country People." “Play Me” – the first single from the musical collective Good Country People.Vocals: Mary Ann CarrBackup vocals: Betty DuffyMusic: Bill WilsonWords: Matthew Lick … [Read more...]

The Best of Both Mothers


With my parents out of town, I went to the farm to feed the animals. I brought my homeschooler's supplies and my laptop so that we could all get some work done while the four-year-old played outside. There are a hundred acres of woods and fields, a little creek, and some trails. My oldest fed the chicks, let the dogs out to run and threw some hay to the cows and horses, then sat down to do school. I too sat down to discern my next move. Pray? Write? Do a quick little check of what's going on in … [Read more...]

Perhaps she’d have preferred the lager?


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Overcoming Insecurity in Marriage

A reader asks: You wrote in chapter 4 of the book Style Sex and Substance: "I hung my life on my husband's fidelity, but I knew he would go to work and see prettier, more outgoing women than I."  This is exactly my case!  I stay at home with my two young children while my husband travels for work.On top of that, my husband told me he is attracted to a woman he works with.  I was very glad that he felt he could share that with me.  But at the same time, it made my fear take hold of me, and I … [Read more...]

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