Why Dogs can be a Baby’s Best Friend

My sister-in-law wanted to know what kind of crazy you have to be to get a dog right after you've had a baby, because the record shows, I did this five years ago too--got a dog when my youngest was about four months old. I've had to conclude that the dog, for me anyway, flows rather naturally from the event of the baby.Something in my brain fires up when I've just had a child. I'm more alert, more empathetic, more aware of potential dangers in my environment, and more willing to get off my … [Read more...]

Giving Our Widow’s Mite

In college, I got depressed. After a year or two of hard living, I remember a phone call with my mom in which she asked me what I thought I needed. There has never been a time in my life when my needs were so easy to identify. I had been living for myself entirely, and it was making me sick. I told my mom, "I think I need a service project."This wasn't a benevolent impulse. I wanted to feel better about myself. I wanted to like myself, so even my desire for service was motivated by … [Read more...]

No Guilt, Ugly-As-Sin, Pumpkin Pie-ish Dessert

Here's something I don't care much about: Halloween. I love the candy/ I hate the candy. I like costuming/I hate it when my kids beg for plastic drugstore costumes.Anyway, our town took a rain check on Halloween, and that's fine with me. No trick-or-treating until tomorrow, and then only an hour of it, because we have to be at a 7 p.m. Mass--Holy Day of Obligation and all. They're watching a spooky movie and eating popcorn tonight instead, and that's about my speed.What I want to share … [Read more...]


If you want to know what I did over the weekend, read Mrs. Darwin's lovely account of our visit. I'm praying for Bearing's daughter who has a perforated appendix. I'm cheering for Simcha, whose new book The Sinner's Guide to NFP is topping the charts. Hope to get back to regular blogging soon, maybe by the end of the week. … [Read more...]

Borrowing a page

From Elizabeth Foss here. I find myself:--Noticing God's Glory:I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I prayed for detachment from the internet, recently, and the Lord answered my prayer. Truth. It was gradual at first--I quit commenting on facebook statuses and dropped interactions down to liking pictures of babies and gourds. I quit reading linked articles immediately. If something piqued my interest, I opened a page to come back to it later, and then if I came back to … [Read more...]

The Art of Raising a Puppy

Thanks to Manny for the recommendation! I can't wait to read this book! … [Read more...]

Word Made Flesh

We had our new priest over for dinner Friday night. I love him. Everyone loves him. Not because he has a big personality, or because he gives exceptionally charismatic homilies. In fact, he's quite reserved, but also reverent, and I wondered how he would be at our dinner table, if we would break through that "priestly" exterior, and see the man himself.I wanted to gather his impressions about our Parish, see what he thought of our people, and of our little place in the world. Would he have … [Read more...]