“Hunger”: Interview with Jack Baumgartner, Part IV

Go On, Obed Edom

 ED: Your work reveals wide ranging Biblical literacy, but also a certain world weariness. Were you raised in Church? Any rhyme or reason to what Biblical passages translate into your artwork? JB: World-weariness…? Maybe. I’ll be honest that sometimes I don’t want to be here. I also feel that I have a lot to do. But my concept of time and eternity is always changing. I know a few people who have more reason to be world-weary than I am, so I end up trying not to consider my own “wear … [Read more...]

“Go On”: Interview with Jack Baumgartner, Part III

The Ancient Ocean by Jack Baumgartner (used with permission)

  ED: …You spoke about maintaining your integrity, and it would seem that maintaining the integrity of your school, and discerning which technologies to allow into it, means that there are also many technologies and cultural influences that you have to reject. Can you talk about some of those tensions and trade-offs, and about your discernment process. JB: My aim is to be intentional about what I choose, which I feel, or hope, defines me more than what I reject. Kind of like c … [Read more...]

Interview With Artist Jack Baumgartner, Part II

"Go On Hermit" by Jack Baumgartner (used with permission)

I hope that this portion of my interview with artist Jack Baumgartner will be of particular interest to anyone who has felt a call to create in more than one medium, and how to balance the different callings with family life.Part 1 of the interview is hereJack Baumgartner's blog is hereHis folk music album, "Cry the Blood" is here  ED: How did you get your start in art, music and woodworking? And do you speak more fluently in one of those mediums over the o … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Folk Album: Interview with Jack Baumgartner, Part I

Original art by Jack Baumgartner

May I recommend that if you like acoustic, bluegrass, or folk music, with vibrant, honest layers of banjo, accordion, penny whistle and acoustic guitar--or even if you don't much care for it-- that you go right now to Jack Baumgartner's blog or directly to Itunes, and avail yourself of his new album, Cry the Blood, just released by his one-man band, "i am erth."He's good--very good-- at what he does, which is compose all original music, play a variety of instruments, layering his own voice tr … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: People of Faith Making Beautiful Things


 It's Friday, oh short and sweet day. I mostly have links to share. And as always, thanks to Jen for hosting Quick Takes Friday.1.First, our kitchen is finished, for the most part.Here's the before picture: And here's the after picture with the cabinets and flooring my husband made:  For more pictures, a closer look at what happened in between, and how my husband operates as a woodworker, see here.I've been meaning for some time to cr … [Read more...]

The Art of Mothering


I just realized that mothering is an art-form. Today, actually. After fourteen years of being a mother. This is blowing my mind.I was watching my niece and nephew yesterday, since their dad (my husband's brother) and my older boys were helping my husband demolish and lay a new floor in the kitchen. We had to stay out of the house so the kids wouldn't fall through the subfloor into the crawlspace. I was down two kids and up two kids, and all day long I kept losing count of the children, even … [Read more...]