“Reality includes religion; realism should, too.”–Christopher Beha

Christopher Beha, novelist and Deputy Editor of Harper's Magazine, discusses the problematic absence of religion in American Literature in an interview with Jesse Barron in Haper's Magazine:  "On a more practical level: the majority of people in this country (and on this earth) have sincerely held religious beliefs that they’ve integrated into their thoroughly modern lives. A quarter of the U.S. population — and 40 percent of the population of New York, where my novel is set — self-iden … [Read more...]

“Sex is actually never not a big deal…”

"...whether in movies or in life. Sex is the joker in the deck, the infinite variable that provokes, on screen as in life, radically divergent and wildly unpredictable responses and consequences." That's Richard Brody at the New Yorker talking about a movie (Blue is the Warmest Color directed by Abdellatif Kechiche) that won awards at Cannes, as well as criticism from various corners for its depiction of rather lengthy and graphic sex scenes between two women. The movie has been banned in the … [Read more...]