WWUTT: Don’t Go to Church, Be the Church?

It’s kinda funny – the amount of churches saying, “Don’t GO to church BE the Church!”As witty as they think that is, they are inadvertently telling people not to go to church. Really, guys? Don’t go to church? Nevertheless, they throw this message on signs, bumper stickers and other graphics… they even make it a slogan for their congregation or sermon series. Hey everybody, don’t go to our church! A few have altered it a little by adding the word “just”, as in “Don’t JUST go to church; be … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 155: The Very. Best. Thing

[display_podcast]Get ready for a well-deserved pat on the back, and a hearty, “Well done!”In addition to that, welcome to Luke’s heartwarmingly endearing introduction of two precious women: Martha and her sister Mary.As you are about to hear in this PODCAST, this delightful little story now brings us full circle in our discussion of the Return of the Seventy from their very first mission’s trip.You might remember that while debriefing their by-all-accounts exuberantly successful e … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 118: Come Away With Me

[display_podcast] “I know everything about you, Dixie.  I know what you have need of.  Sometimes there is a battle going on over you that you sense but cannot see.  You are a danger to your enemy.  You are strong in me and he doesn’t like it.  My warriors are very busy on your behalf.  Always remember, I Am never too late.  My timing is always perfect, even if you can’t see why you had to wait.  I love you.”  ♥ Jesus I am reminded about the day my husband and I decided to go walking on a well-k … [Read more...]

Transform: Pure in Heart in Business

(The following was originally published at CareyGreen.com)In Matthew 5:8, Jesus tells us: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” What does it mean to be "pure in heart" and how does it relate to doing business as a Christian? I think that what Jesus is getting at here is a very core principle – not just for business people, but for life. You see, the Bible also tells us that our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked above all things (Jeremiah 17:9). So, a pure heart … [Read more...]

Summit Lecture Series: Is Mormonism Christian or a Cult? with Douglas Groothuis

To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit summit.org.So, we’re talking about Mormonism… how to spot a cult.But first, keep in mind what Paul wrote in his letter to the church in Colossae: See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. (Colossians 2:8) Throughout Scripture, we find several “warning passages” that tell us, “This … [Read more...]

Im Waiting 18: Condoms As A “Super Shield”

[display_podcast]ImWaiting has the opportunity to speak to many parent groups throughout the county.  We teach effective communication, healthy relationships, decision-making, STD education, etc, with the intent to equip parents with knowledge to start and continue conversations with their kids regarding risk behaviors and the consequences.Recently, we were advised to tell parents that they needed to teach their kids how to use condoms. In effect, that was a part of good parenting.  We de … [Read more...]