WWUTT: Study Shows Prayer Doesn’t Work?

According to a story in the New York Times, prayer by strangers had no effect on the recovery of people undergoing heart surgery, a study had found.The study was conducted for nearly a decade involving more than 1,800 patients. Whether or not the patients were prayed for, or even if they knew they were being prayed for, it did not speed up their recovery. “In the study, the researchers monitored 1,802 patients at six hospitals who received coronary bypass surgery, in which doctors reroute c … [Read more...]

Ask Pastor John: Soul Care for Exhausted Young Mothers

We get a steady stream of questions from mothers of young kids, like this one from a listener named Beth. “Dear Pastor John, my husband and I are new parents to a two-month-old son. Caring for him has been joyful and exhausting. I can barely concentrate on anything I used to but need the Lord more than ever to sustain me. What counsel do you give to new mothers on continuing their walk with God?”Soul Care for Exhausted Young Mothers I am not a mother, never have been, but I lived with one fo … [Read more...]

Relational Toolshed: Carlos Nicasio – Gang Affiliated to Urban Advocate

Carlos Nicasio - Gang Affiliated to Urban Advocate [display_podcast]This week in the “Shed” is our tool of the week –Carlos NicasioCarlos is the Founder of Concrete + Canvas, a nonprofit startup dedicated to leveraging resources to empower change and strengthen urban youth in under-resourced communities. Based in San Diego, California, he serves as a mentor, leader, life coach, and strategic thinker to youth workers and other leaders locally and around the nation.​ Passionate about this … [Read more...]

Unorthodox Man Podcast: That’s What I Do!

Be Known for What You Do and How You Live [display_podcast] Don’t touch that! Don’t say those words! Don’t go there! Don’t listen to that music! Don’t drink that! Don’t watch that! Don’t, don’t, DON’T… DON’T!! If you are anything like me, you have been told your whole life “don’t” My parents told me don’t. My teachers told me don’t. The cops told me don’t. The church told me don’t. And if you are anything like me, the more you were told, “don’t”, the more you wanted to. Call it my r … [Read more...]

Story Team Weekly: Sweetly Woven

When Geanine Gregory was seven years old, a neighbor sexually abused her. The abuse produced feelings of guilt and shame that were never discussed in her family, thus harvesting years of sexual sin in Geanine’s life.At the age of nine, Geanine’s parents divorced, and she was forced to leave her father and live with her mother and older sister. She learned to provide for herself because her mom worked long hours to provide for Geanine and her sister. This type of independence wrongly taught he … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture, part 1

Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture, part 1 [display_podcast]How are we to interpret the Bible, especially in light of the fact that there are so many different traditions, denominations, and schools of thought? Are we allowed to interpret a passage however we like, or are there some basic rules and guidelines to follow?On this program the hosts will begin a two-part series on this topic as they walk through some basic rules of “hermeneutics,” or the science of biblical int … [Read more...]