Reasonable Faith Podcast: Flawed Foundations in Atheist Debates, Part 2

What pitfalls can we avoid when debating, especially online? [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: Let's pick up where we left off last time on Reasonable Faith with Dr. William Lane Craig. We’ve been looking at a list of what Mike Manea says are some flawed foundations that show up whenever we get into debates with our atheist friends. He's listed a bunch of these. We'll pick it up at number 5. 5) Naturalism in science I think Mike is talking about methodological naturalism here. He says,I m … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: Pluralism & the American Religion

[display_podcast] What are the beliefs and assumptions of contemporary American spirituality? Why do so many people pick and choose religious beliefs based on that which makes them happy, rather than by evaluating truth claims? Recorded before a live audience in Vail, Colorado, the hosts discuss these questions and more as they outline the characteristics of pluralism and the American Religion. They are joined once more by Greg Koukl, founder and president of Stand to Reason and author of The S … [Read more...]

Reasonable Faith Podcast: Does Logic Exist Outside of the Universe?

A listener is stumped by a question on logic. Another wants to know how Dr. Craig keeps all these facts straight in his head! [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: You’re locked in to the podcast of Reasonable Faith with Dr. William Lane Craig. This is Kevin Harris. We are glad you are here. We hope that you’ll help us spread the word about Reasonable Faith. Pass it along to your friends and family. In fact, I was just thinking about how important it is that pastors and church leaders become famil … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: The Story of Reality

[display_podcast]Religion is often presented today as a kind of therapy. Find the treatment you like best—the one that meets your needs and warms your heart. That’s the point of religion. But is this the way that Christianity presents itself? Did Jesus offer himself as a kind of sage who could help us to cope with life’s difficulties, or did he come to tell about himself, our problem, and his solution?On this program Michael Horton and the panel discuss these questions and more with Greg … [Read more...]

Reasonable Faith Podcast: Questions on the Resurrection, Foreknowledge, and End Times

Dr. Craig fields questions about the women at Christ's tomb, divine foreknowledge, and the Second Coming of Christ [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: Let’s put you in the hot seat, Dr. Craig, and get you to answer some questions from listeners. We just got this one in that says, Dr. Craig, I just listened to Lee Strobel, The Case For Christ, and heard your arguments for the resurrection. I am just confused about one thing. When the women went to the tomb to anoint the body, since it was imp … [Read more...]

Reasonable Faith Podcast: The Bible Tells Me So! So?

Dr. Craig examines whether a prominent pastor is denying the authority of the Bible. [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: It's a big church, and the pastor is well-known. What exactly did Andy Stanley mean in a recent sermon at North Point Community Church? Did Andy Stanley deny biblical authority? Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, seems to think he did. Welcome to Reasonable Faith with Dr. William Lane Craig. I'm Kevin Harris. It is certainly not big news … [Read more...]