Summit Lecture Series: Societal Effects of Same Sex Marriage with Frank Turek

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To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit Every person in society, including people who never get married, benefit from the government promoting traditional marriage. How? Because society is stabilized. Imagine if we didn’t promote traditional marriage and couples didn’t stay together but instead broke up even more than they do now. Our nation’s children would be less taken care of than they currently are. Crime rates would soar. Poverty would increase. Wel … [Read more...]

Transform: If Mindset = Belief, Then THIS Fundamental Belief Is Vital!

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(The following was originally published at Your mindset is equivalent to what you believe. This mindset not only acts as a lens that you see life through, but it also acts similar to a compass, in that our beliefs will guide us through life. What you believe is fundamental to the way you live life. In other words, your mindset matters! It matters because it impacts the WAY you handle the things that come into your life – good and bad. So, let’s begin by asking this que … [Read more...]

My Armor: Repentance, Forgiveness & Luke Skywalker


[display_podcast] You go through life as a Christian and as you roll through life, day to day, you’re going to be faced with so much garbage. It hits you from all over. You’re inundated. And it’s heavy. And the reason that I wanted to do a Christian podcast is so that I could possibly help build you up and equip you to go out into the world and take on all that garbage. Conversely, I ask that you would remember to pray for me for this very same reason. Remember your bald Mexican friend, Mikey … [Read more...]

Same Sex Marriage: Legal Marriage Has NOTHING To Do With Love, with Frank Turek

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To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit Andrew Sullivan, perhaps one of the most prominent advocates for same-sex marriage said in 1996:“If nothing else were done at all and gay marriage were legalized, 90% of the political work necessary to achieve gay and lesbian equality will have been achieved. It’s ultimately the only reform that matters.” In other words, once gay marriage is put into place, or the government promotes same-sex marriage, homose … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 96: A Walk Into His Secret Place


[display_podcast] Have you ever been so overcome with the intimate love of Jesus that you feel totally undone?Over the past many months, through some great emotional trials, I have leaned into Him… like in a wine press. He actually became my strength.   The hardest times in our lives are the very times He most reveals Himself. Every issue you may deal with in life, if you would only allow Him into it, you will find extreme comfort, growth, and an intimacy with Him that will stay with … [Read more...]

I’m Waiting 2: Dads Are More Important Than Moms

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[display_podcast] It’s common knowledge that almost all teens don’t quite understand the emotional and relational aspects of life because they are so consumed by the physical. That’s just where they are in life. Puberty, and all the changes that it brings on, simply limits their awareness and understanding. At I’m Waiting, we try to push that wall back a little bit and show them that there are many other components to sexual activity… many that may not be healthy. One very common thread that w … [Read more...]