Summit Lecture Series: The Case for the Pro-Life Position with Scott Klusendorf, part 2

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To purchase the entire DVD set of the Summit Lecture Series, visit How can we bring clarity to people who believe that moral truth cannot be known? To people who believe that abortion is not a moral dilemma, but simply an issue of personal preference? Or to people who think that humans have no value, except for how they function? These two questions: How do we bring moral truth to those who think there can’t be moral truth?; and how do we reach people who think that human value is s … [Read more...]

Family Discipleship Mini-Cast: Marriage Is A Ministry, part 1

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[display_podcast] God’s Purposes for Marriage We’ve seen a lot of changes in the last 30 years, especially when it comes to American families, and most of these changes have not been real good. We now see over 1,250,000 divorces each year, and since 1997, about half of those people claim to be Believers in God. So, the divorce rate within the Church is about equal to the divorce rate in non-religious couples. The primary reason for this is the ignorance of what God’s will is for marriage. We ha … [Read more...]

Carty’s Contemporary Classics 35: What Does “Born Again” Mean?

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[display_podcast] You can’t cancel sin. You may have done a whole bunch of good stuff, but if you’ve done one bad thing, that good stuff doesn’t cancel it out. And here’s the kicker – There will be NO SIN IN HEAVEN. Heaven is perfect, holy and pure. God is perfect, holy and pure. He will not dwell in the presence of sin. So, any person who has any sin in their life – which is each and every one of us since we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God – is disqualified for heaven. Bec … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 121: A Scandal in the Making

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[display_podcast] With this PODCAST, we break the seal on the last year of Jesus’ life here on earth. And admittedly, His last year begins on a rather ominous note. Immediately following this story, Jesus will leave the country. That is no exaggeration. For the first time in His storied 3½ year ministry, Jesus now has to get out of Dodge, fast! As we have seen in past podcasts, Jesus was run out of His adopted hometown of Capernaum. He was then run out of Nazareth, His boyhood hometown. On to … [Read more...]

Blending Your Family: Know When to Seek Help! – Helping Children Cope with Divorce, part 2

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[display_podcast] Children’s response to going through the divorce is as varied as the kids themselves.  Some have a very hard time with it while others seem to take it in stride.  My son, who was four at the time of our divorce, took it quite well.  He never showed signs of anger and seemed quite content.  In fact, as an adult, he has remarked how he felt it was for the best and never regretted the divorce.  He saw his dad and dad’s family often and everyone loved on him, I am grateful that he … [Read more...]

Summit Lecture Series: The Case for the Pro-Life Position with Scott Klusendorf, part 1

The Summit Lecture Series 1

When my son, Jeff, graduated high school, I took him to the beaches of Normandy, France. On June 6, 1944, our U.S. Army Rangers hit the beach and the first wave sustained nearly 90% casualties. Here’s why:The tides were wrong. Our guys were told that they were going to be dropped into water that was 10-15 feet deep at the most, but in some cases it was actually 30 feet deep. The guys who were wearing 100 lb. packs went straight to the bottom and drowned before they even got a shot o … [Read more...]