The Summit Lecture Series: Making Sense of Your World with John Stonestreet, Part 17

So, over the past few weeks, we have examined Nihilism, Existentialism, Atheism, Scientism, Hedonism, Neo-Darwinism, Naturalism, Socialism, among other ideas that are competing for our attention each and every day. And, when we put together these various ideas, we derive (whether we mean to or not) certain worldviews.One such worldview is Secular Humanism.The publications that basically frame out Secular Humanism are known as the Humanist Manifesto (I, II, and III), the first of which … [Read more...]

The Big Picture 48: Who Is In Charge of Doomsday?

I want to focus on an interesting question that seems to me very relevant for today, and the question is: “who’s in charge of Doomsday?” You might think that’s an odd question, but bear with me. For all of my childhood years and really for most of the second half of the 20th century, it was widely believed the world would end in a holocaust of thermonuclear war. To give you an example from my world, I grew up in a house with a bomb shelter. My father actually made a living for a while building t … [Read more...]

The Big Picture Podcast 40: The Good Old Days Weren’t Always So Groovy

[display_podcast]This podcast seeks to begin and hopefully sustain a conversation about current trends, ideas and issues in the Church and greater society. A while back, I introduced you all to the Late ‘Boomer, so I think it’s time we checked back with him as he continues his effort to mop up the societal mess that is the Baby Boomer legacy. So let’s hang out.My topic for this week is the decade of the 1960‘s, the decade that really defines the Baby Boomers.I’m sure you’ve heard what … [Read more...]