Transform: Why Faith and Mindset are the Same Thing

(The following was originally published at What does “mindset” mean and how can Christ-followers implement the truths of Scripture and the promises of God into their daily mindset? First off, think of something very basic that you believe that also affects your actions day to day. It could be as basic as believing that if you turn your key in your car’s ignition, the car will start and you can drive to work. Or believing that we need to wake up early, which allows time in t … [Read more...]

Transform: Why Christians Are BAD At Mindset Practices

(The following was originally published at A mindset is based on your beliefs: what you believe about the world, about yourself, and about other people, and even about God.  It’s about truth.   Are you believing what is real and true, from God’s perspective?  Because we often say that we believe in certain things and we have faith in God’s promises; but, when the stresses of life come at us, and our emotions get involved, we get dragged down and even begin to doubt these ve … [Read more...]

Parent Like You Mean It 15: Should Christian Parents Do Yoga or Other “Normal” Things?

[display_podcast] Hello and welcome to Parent Like You Mean It – the podcast where we examine healthy ways to stretch yourself beyond what is comfortable or convenient and into what is intentional and purposeful in regards to raising your kids. I’m Jefferson Drexler, and just like you, I want my kids to be accepted and viewed as “normal”, without compromising an inch of their integrity and values. Which brings me right to this week’s topic: should good Christian parents allow their kids to part … [Read more...]

Real Stuff My Dad Says 66: Who Really Means It?

[display_podcast] In studio with me, once again, sitting in for my dad is Executive Producer of the e2 media network, Joel Fieri with Real Stuff My Boss Says. Now, just like my dad has his “Rod-isms” – pearls of wisdom that he passes on to people, Joel has is own “Joel-isms”, many of which he discusses in The Big Picture Podcast. One of these golden nuggets is the question: Who really means it? To be fully transparent, Joel got the phrase from author Mark Steyn in an article that he wrote reg … [Read more...]

The Big Picture Podcast 49: Who Really Means It?

[display_podcast] Welcome to the Big Picture Podcast. I’m Joel Fieri and this podcast seeks to begin and hopefully sustain a conversation about current trends, ideas and issues in the Church and greater society. Today I wanted to follow up on my podcast from a couple weeks ago with the Backrow Baptist, the guy in the back pew who can’t quiet keep the rhythm or sing on-key. You’ve seen him, and he’s seen you. On that podcast we were talking about how to respond to our rapidly secularizing cultur … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Closet Christian 29: Why Is It Hard to Call Sin What It Is?

[display_podcast]When I hear the word “sin”, I think of something dark and crusty, like liquid that dried and caked on a beating heart.If we believe that Jesus died for us, then our sins are washed from our hearts.  We’re clean.But still, we continue to sin.Those sins are forgiven, but we do still sin.Sometimes I think that I treat sin like an ostrich would.  I earnestly plant my head in the sand with the hopes that maybe – just maybe – if I don’t see it, it may not actually b … [Read more...]