Unorthodox Man Podcast: Unorthodox Anger

Unorthodox Anger [display_podcast]Clenched fists, gritting teeth, tightness in my chest, eyebrows lower, lips tighten – I want nothing more than to explode and make someone else or something else experience what I am feeling.We all know that feeling I don’t care what you call it anger, frustration, pissed off. I’ve spent years angry… I started out angry at my parents and teachers just because; I got angry that I didn’t fit in but I wanted to belong; I was angry that others made f … [Read more...]

Unorthodox Violence & Redemption: An Interview with John Hintz (part 2)

[display_podcast]Welcome back!This week is actually part two of my conversation with my buddy, John Hintz. If you didn’t catch part 1, I really recommend you go check it out. Last week, we covered John’s life from his childhood up through around the age of 25.And, this week, we talk about the part of John’s story where he realized that God was there. As John says himself, “This is my God Story”.Then, as we hear more and more of John’s life, we see how God shows up and everything k … [Read more...]

Unorthodox Violence: An Interview with John Hintz (part 1)

Unorthodox Violence: An Interview with John Hintz (part 1) [display_podcast]Do you ever look back on your life and see God in the rear view mirror? At the risk of mixing a motherload of metaphors, you may not see Him while He’s alongside you, but when you look back in time, you can see how all the puzzle pieces of your life have been put together by God, Himself.This week, we get to have a cool conversation with a buddy of mine named John. It’s going to be a little bit different – a two- … [Read more...]

Unorthodox Man Podcast: Unorthodox Park Day

Fatherhood is Helping Kids Develop How they View the World [display_podcast]Two reasons to smile today: First reason was the hour I spent at the park pushing my 5 year old on the swings, chasing him around the playground and hearing him laugh at the top of his lungs. Second reason was the reaction on the faces of the suburban moms as a 6'3 tattooed ex-con looking white guy chases a screaming black child through the park as the child screams "don't touch me, go away". Moms were horrified; … [Read more...]

Unorthodox Interview: Kurt Adams

An Unorthodox Interview: Kurt Adams [display_podcast]Not all Unorthodox men choose this life.Sometimes, the life and choices of somebody else affects you.This is the story of my buddy, Kurt. He grew up in the church. His dad was a pastor. And yet, the choices of other people affected Kurt to where it really changed his view of church culture and how he pursued Jesus.It’s one of those things where, if you have heard some of our past stories and thought, “None of that has anything … [Read more...]

The Unorthodox Man Podcast: Unorthodox Leadership

[display_podcast]A few months back I took my three sons hiking in a small lagoon by our house. To be honest I wasn’t really sure where we were headed or how long it would take us. My two oldest boys were super bummed that I made them walk outside in the sun light with out an electric device in their hands. Sure they were hiking but they weren’t happy about it.My youngest on the other hand was having a blast. Exploring trees, throwing rocks, looking under bigger rocks for animals, and on e … [Read more...]