Jesus in HD 124: A Closed Door, Or an Open Window?

[display_podcast] We are going to begin this week's PODCAST precisely from where we left off in last week's podcast. We left off last week by considering together this most enigmatic verse:“Even though Jesus was God’s Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered.” (Hebrews 5:8) If you are at all uncomfortable with that, then the rest of this story will make no sense, and will leave you with an even greater discomfort. But if you are willing to allow for the fact that “Even though … [Read more...]

Confessions Of A Closet Christian 30: Why Is It Hard To Follow God’s Will?

[display_podcast]When I think of "God's Will", I think of something really ominous - like dark clouds, a thundering voice, and a deep command to go to Antarctica and evangelize to the penguins.I think it’s easy to be afraid of God’s will.Still, I think we can get caught up in waiting for God’s “perfect will” to reveal itself.  We long for writing on the wall, an airplane to sketch us a note in the sky, or a text from J.C., Himself.“Where are You, God?  What’s Your plan for my life … [Read more...]