Story Team Weekly: Sweetly Woven

When Geanine Gregory was seven years old, a neighbor sexually abused her. The abuse produced feelings of guilt and shame that were never discussed in her family, thus harvesting years of sexual sin in Geanine’s life.At the age of nine, Geanine’s parents divorced, and she was forced to leave her father and live with her mother and older sister. She learned to provide for herself because her mom worked long hours to provide for Geanine and her sister. This type of independence wrongly taught he … [Read more...]

Story Team Weekly: The Waiting Days

Waiting on God's Timing Justin and Beth Day got married in the summer of 2011, in a season they both recognize as “later in life” compared to other newlyweds. But the end of their singleness didn’t mark the end of their hardships.In 2012, the Days decided to start a family. However, after many attempts, the couple discovered Beth was infertile. Devastated by the news, Beth put her hope in the doctors to help her fight this battle.“Justin did a great job supporting me,” she says, “but he … [Read more...]

Unorthodox Interview: Nick Hart – Sometimes, you get what you want. Sometimes… you get what you need!

God gives what we need, not necessarily what we want [display_podcast]Sometimes, you get what you want. Sometimes… you get what you need!This is the story of my buddy, Nick: raised in a Christian home, he wanted to go do ministry, and be a pastor. After trying that out for a bit, he realized “this isn’t what I need.”God showed Nick a whole different ministry, and now he is in a place where he is impacting lives that would have never been reached by anybody else.So, this is a very … [Read more...]

An Unorthodox Interview: Micah Navarijo

Where else can you hear a pirate marine sharing stories with a punk rock pastor? [display_podcast]Today, I get to have a conversation with my buddy, Micah Navarijo. It’s a special episode for me because I met him back when he was a little eighth grader and his mom was mad because he listened to Eminem. Years and years later, he has become a brother and an uncle to my kids.And his story of how God took an angry man, took him through the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, and back here … [Read more...]

Story Team Weekly: The Glory to Come – Part 3

Within 24 hours, they agreed that Jake needed to go to rehab. Tuesday, the Harrisons were on a plane to Florida to a facility that would take Jake. The plane ride was terrible. The two-hour drive to the center was terrible. They got lost. They fought. But by Wednesday, Jake was in rehab, awakening to the truth of God’s love—that through Christ, Jake and Rebecca had the rest they so desperately needed.October 20, 2010 was the first day Jake went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and the fir … [Read more...]

Story Team Weekly: The Glory to Come – Part 2

Even with a new bride, a vow to drink more responsibly, and a job he liked, Jake’s depression deepened. He was drinking a bottle of Jameson whiskey a day. He planned his suicide on multiple occasions. He used cocaine regularly. He had an ongoing affair. They were the darkest years of his life. He believed in God, but he ran to the comforts and escapes of this world to ease his pain. “I wanted relief. All I wanted was some kind of relief,” he recalls.Rebecca saw her husband’s burdens and desp … [Read more...]