Reflections of Grace 112: Experiencing Him as the Pursuer of Your Heart

We all have had desert experiences in our lives at different seasons of time along our journey. Some seasons of trial are short and some are very long.He loves us so much that sometimes He allows us to stay in those deserts for a while to bring us back to Him. When it gets hot and dry we start looking for Him for relief. You know why?He misses you and desires relationship with you.Hosea 2:6 says: “For this reason I will fence her in with thornbushes. I will block her path with a w … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 111: Are You For Real?

Are there any pretenses that you maintain?Being abused as a child, I had very low self-esteem growing up and no sense of identity and no one to validate that I was even important.In high school, I had already become very adept at making myself look busy and important, when in reality I had no friends and nowhere to go. So, on my lunch hours, instead of sitting and eating, or finding a group of kids to interact with, I would spend the entire hour briskly walking around and through the … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 110: Combating the Voice of Fear

[display_podcast]I was on an airplane journey was to Montana. I was to fly out of Burbank to Salt Lake City, then on to Montana.   I felt all grown up - big time ministry woman, hitting the skies.   I love traveling alone. I call these trips, “me and Jesus journeys.”So off I went, feeling like the woman in charge of my own life.   I was shocked at the smallness of the airport, and when I asked the way to my boarding area, they laughed at me. I soon found out why. There was only one boardi … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 109: Where Are Your Weapons?

[display_podcast] I have never been known for my poise when it comes to walking. It seems I have always been a little off balance and clumsy. My awkward displays have made for a lot of giggling among our family at many of our gatherings.  One such incident happened many years ago. My family and I went to a restaurant after a church meeting. I had on sling-back floppy 4-inch heels that day. Going into the restaurant, we walked in front of a row of windows, with customers eating on the other … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 108: What Hinders Us From Moving Forward

[display_podcast] What is your projected image of the journey ahead of you? What do you see? How many times in your life do you just accept what comes, figuring that this is all that God has for you? Are you fearful for your future? Do you think God is done with you? Do you try to find answers for the senseless things that are happening in our world? Do you join with the throngs of the fearful trying to find answers to alleviate your own anxieties? Because if we have an answer as to why … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 106: Entering 2016 with Faith and Assurance

As we welcome 2016 in I want to speak to you about the many seasons of our lives...When we start to realize that God is involved with every aspect of our lives, and is acutely aware of every step we take because He has a plan for each of us, then we can rest in the spot we are in until that plan is revealed to us. We talk about “waiting on the Lord,” but sometimes I think we really don’t know how to do that. Waiting is waiting—being patient while God reveals His plan for your life.There are m … [Read more...]