Ouxano 67: Simple, Basic Rules to Follow When Reading the Bible

[display_podcast] This week, we’re going to be talking about some general rules for Biblical interpretation. These rules apply to any part of scripture you may be reading, no matter how long you have been studying the Bible or if this is your first time unfolding its pages. Now, it’s safe to say that when you crack open the Bible, you’ll be reading from one of the 66 books of the Bible. Now, each book is a separate section of literature that is contained within itself. But one thing that a lot o … [Read more...]

Ouxano: The Literary Aspect of the Old Testament

The Literary Aspect of the Old Testament refers to the things that are there within the text that you need to be paying attention to or looking for as you read.The first thing to remember is:  don’t over look the obvious.  What I mean is this – most of the Old Testament historical writings have what is known as a Divine Narrator.  They call it that because the Narrator of the story often offers “behind the scenes” information about what is really going on, which helps you understand the flow … [Read more...]