Ouxano: How To Easily Start Reading the Bible With Your Kids

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[display_podcast] As our kids grow, the first phase of digging into God’s Word and applying it to their lives can begin as early as ages two to five.  We need to start fostering reading habits in them and the importance of Bible stories by creating a visual experience for them and modeling the importance of reading the Bible’s stories to them. This is done, not just through reading books to them, but find Bible Story Books with engaging illustrations that help bring the stories to life in their … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 129: Remember, Don’t Forget

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[display_podcast] Defining moments. There aren’t many of these throughout the course of someone’s lifetime. But when they occur, as you will hear in this PODCAST, they are utterly unforgettable. We are talking about game-changing moments; history-altering moments; LIFE-altering moments. Rare snapshots of seminal events, frozen in time, after which your world will never be the same again. Welcome to one such defining moment, courtesy of Jesus, after which the disciples -- three of them -- were … [Read more...]

I’m Waiting 4: Interview with Merv Mattair, Part 1

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Merv Mattair and I share a lot in common. He is constantly reaching out to his community (albeit on the other side of the country than me), impacting the lives of young people all over Madison County, Florida. He’s an author, a radio host and motivational speaker, doing what he is called to do by God: to reach out to people, love them, disciple them, and speak truth in love. He often speaks on sexual risk avoidance and abstinence and is making a huge impact on his community. In his own words, h … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 128: A Life-Changing Approach to THE Life-Giving Book

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[display_podcast] The Bible is THE one and only Life-Giving Book. But how to approach it? In this podcast, you will be given the answer to that question! Courtesy of Jesus, we will learn how to read it! With all of its 66 books, printed in minuscule font, with no pictures, strange names, weird customs, unfamiliar geography, violent history, where do we even start? What's the first step? More to the point, what is our connection to this great book? My friends, the answer to that question is s … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 127: Jesus’ Roadmap to the Rapture

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[display_podcast] For all of you End Times enthusiasts, this one's for you! Welcome to an epic day in the lives of the disciples as a whole, and Peter in particular. As you are about to hear in the PODCAST, Peter was a guy who in the blink of an eye rose to the dizzying heights of declaring the very words of God, only to plunge into the abyss of speaking the very words of Satan, and from there to receive from Jesus what could arguably be described as one of the most precious promises Peter or … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 96: A Walk Into His Secret Place


[display_podcast] Have you ever been so overcome with the intimate love of Jesus that you feel totally undone?Over the past many months, through some great emotional trials, I have leaned into Him… like in a wine press. He actually became my strength.   The hardest times in our lives are the very times He most reveals Himself. Every issue you may deal with in life, if you would only allow Him into it, you will find extreme comfort, growth, and an intimacy with Him that will stay with … [Read more...]