Family Discipleship Mini-Cast 5: What Is God’s Design for Marriage?

[display_podcast] God has used my wife and son to reveal things to me that are within me that I didn’t have a clue were there. For instance, I thought I was a gentle and nice person until my son brought out anger issues in me that I wasn’t ever aware of. He was able to get me angrier than anyone else on earth by the time he was just three-years-old! God said, “It’s not your son, Craig… it’s Me. I put him in your life to reveal things to you that I hate. And when these things come to the surface … [Read more...]

Family Discipleship Mini-Cast 4: We Don’t Always See Or Understand God’s Tools

[display_podcast] 1 John 2:5 tells us that:“Whoever keeps his word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in him.” God’s promise here is that whoever desires to do the will of God, God will transform him or her into the image of Himself. It’s a promise! IF we desire to do His will. The word “perfected” used in this verse means to make complete a process of transformation. God uses the differences between husbands and wives, the mistakes that we make, even th … [Read more...]

Family Discipleship Mini-Cast 3: Am I A Minister? Is Your Spouse A Tool?

[display_podcast] What is a minister? Webster’s Dictionary defines a “minister” as: One who acts under the orders of another, or who is employed by another to execute his purposes. Who are we under and from whom do we receive our instructions? Jesus Christ! So, God has given us our spouses and our children to minister His will to. Therefore, it’s extremely important that we see ourselves as ministers – not just husbands, wives, or parents. We are here, under God and His will, to serve one an … [Read more...]

Blending Your StepFamily: The Differences Between Helping and Enabling Irresponsible Stepchildren

[display_podcast] Each of us should continue to learn to love each other as Christ has loved us.  And, I can’t think of a better place to learn how to really love than in a stepfamily.  It’s a daily choice to choose to love others as God has loved us.  It’s a growing process but that process begins with wanting to please God by loving the ones He has sent us.  And that always begins with our family whether it’s blended or not.  You and I both chose to marry our spouses and we knew they had kids. … [Read more...]

Family Discipleship Mini-Cast 2: What Are The Right Expectations For Marriage?

[display_podcast] If you go into marriage with the wrong expectations, you’re going to have problems. Think about it: Imagine if you went out and spent $30,000 on a new car, and because you spent so much money, you have the expectation that this car is going to look and run as good as the day you bought it for at least 20 years. You assume that you don’t have to put gas in it – for $30,000, that baby better run!   You don’t have to put oil in it, it’ll never need new brakes, nor tires; you’ll … [Read more...]

Family Discipleship Mini-Cast 1: Marriage Is A Ministry, part 1

[display_podcast] God’s Purposes for Marriage We’ve seen a lot of changes in the last 30 years, especially when it comes to American families, and most of these changes have not been real good. We now see over 1,250,000 divorces each year, and since 1997, about half of those people claim to be Believers in God. So, the divorce rate within the Church is about equal to the divorce rate in non-religious couples. The primary reason for this is the ignorance of what God’s will is for marriage. We ha … [Read more...]