Reasonable Faith Podcast: A Critique of Dr. Craig’s Moral Argument

Dr. William Lane Craig responds to a critique from The Secular Outpost. [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: Dr. Craig, we always keep up with some of the writers and bloggers at the Secular Outpost. They talk about your work quite often and reference your work. “Does Theism Explain The Necessity of Moral Truths?” This talks about your moral argument and says that it fails. What is your take from why there would be a bug (as Jeff says in this article) and not a feature in your moral argument for G … [Read more...]

Reasonable Faith Podcast: Dr. Craig’s Newest Book, “God Over All”

Knowing about abstract objects is not only fascinating but crucial in understanding much of theology. Dr. Craig discusses what's in his new book. [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: I love the smell of a new car and the smell of a new book. Bill, you've got one: God Over All.DR. WILLIAM LANE CRAIG: Which is not a car!KEVIN HARRIS: It is not a car; it is a book. It is from Oxford Press. It is hot off the press, as well. Divine Aseity and the Challenge of Platonism – a project of yours for … [Read more...]

Breakpoint: Progressively Regressive Sexuality

Sexual progressives claim to be ushering in a “brave new world” of freedom. But their “new” morality is as old as the hills. (This column originally aired September 8, 2016 and may not be suitable for all audiences. Parental discretion is advised) [display_podcast]How often have you heard sexual progressives claim that those of us who hold to traditional sexual morality and marriage are “on the wrong side of history?”But as one new book points out, it’s the proponents of the sexual revo … [Read more...]

Encountering Our Culture Like Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer

To purchase the entire Summit Lecture Series, Vol. 1 on DVD, go to: Here's the important question:  How do we live lives like William Wilberforce or Dietrich Bonhoeffer?Let me take this a little bit further.  Wilberforce won. God gave him two great aims: the end of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.  Both of those things largely were accomplished.  He didn't make a utopia, but he made the world a better place.He fought and he fought for 20 years and the first mov … [Read more...]

The Summit Lecture Series: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce

The inability of education, self-actualization, rules, freedom, motivation and incentive to make us the sort of people we need to be becomes obvious when we look at examples of the types of lives that we need to live. Two such examples are the lives of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce – both chronicled by biographer Eric Metaxas.Bonhoeffer was a German theologian and pastor during World War II who also was part of three conspiracies to assassinate Adolf Hitler – a very awkward pos … [Read more...]

The Summit Lecture Series: Making Sense of Your World with John Stonestreet, part 8

As Nancy Pearcey says in her book Total Truth,"A Worldview is not the same thing as a formal philosophy; otherwise, it would be only for professional philosophers. Even ordinary people have a set of convictions about how reality functions and how they should live..."Everybody has a worldview. Therefore, it’s not just some intellectual exercise that academics do. It’s a real thing that each of us possess in one shape or another.I’m reminded of one time when I was sitting next to a woma … [Read more...]