The Summit Lecture Series: Making Sense of Your World with John Stonestreet, part 21

To purchase the entire Summit Lecture Series, Vol. 1 on DVD, go to summit.orgAs a culture, we often use Motivation as a strategyWe see this in Christian Youth Groups across our country. We take high schoolers to a huge conference, get them really fired up with a great speaker who flips on his head and burps the alphabet and smoke and mirrors. We will rile them up! And in the midst of their emotional tension, we invite them to come forward and give their lives to Jesus and make decisions … [Read more...]

An Examined Life with Jeff Allen 11: Dr. Andy Bannister part 2

[display_podcast] In this week’s podcast, I continue my discussion with Andy Bannister, the Director and Lead Apologist for RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) Canada.  Andy speaks all around the world, has a PhD in Islamic Studies, and authored An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an.   Now, last week, Andy mentioned that he believes Bill Maher is a lazy Atheist, quite frankly.  Or, to be more precise, he is a “Pollyanna Atheist” who wants to hold on to the cuddly things that he likes … [Read more...]