Real Stuff My Dad Says 66: What Language Does God Speak?


[display_podcast] Back when I was a boy, there was a movement sweeping across the country, beginning here on the West Coast.  It was largely made up of a bunch of hippies who had found Jesus, thus earning the label Jesus Freaks.  It was basically a counterculture, hippie version of non-denominational Christianity, aka the Jesus Movement, where many of those young adults shared all that they had, met in parks instead of large, stained-glass church buildings, and replaced church organs with rock g … [Read more...]

Blending Your StepFamily 47: Mature Love in the Couple Relationship

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[display_podcast] From Pam Rohr, author of Blended but not Broken - Hope and Encouragement for Blended Families: It’s the beginning of a New Year and with it may come new years resolutions. It’s important to continue to look at the different areas of our lives and pick an area to move forward in. I like to say if we aren’t moving forward, then we aren’t just standing still, we are actually falling backwards. Do you need to work on spiritual disciplines? Or are you focusing on getting physical … [Read more...]

Parent Like You Mean It 4: Creative Discipline or Christmas Abuse?

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[display_podcast] Hi, I’m Jefferson Drexler – a dad of four boys who daily tries his darndest to avoid saying things like “don’t make me turn this car around” or “one more peep and we’re all going home” not because I don’t want to sound like my parents, but because I simply don’t want to have to follow through on such killjoy threats - and this is a bonus episode of Parent Like You Mean It – the podcast where we talk about parenting with intentionality and purpose. Now, I had to throw this one i … [Read more...]

Parent Like You Mean It 3: Watching Annie Through Colorblind Lenses

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[display_podcast] I had the awesome privilege this morning to take my family to the movies and see the new, 2014 version of the movie Annie. Like many parents my age, I grew up singing along to the 1982 version, and I gotta say… I loved the new version just as much. But, while I was watching it, I remembered a recent article that I read on Yahoo Parenting by Rachel Bertsche titled “Target’s Annie Ads Spark Controversy”. Here’s the column, my thoughts, and I hope you will continue the conversat … [Read more...]

The Big Picture Podcast: Where’d the Kids Go?


[display_podcast] Welcome to the Big Picture Podcast. I’m Joel Fieri and this podcast seeks to begin and hopefully sustain a conversation about current trends, ideas and issues in the Church and greater society. Today we’re going to check in again with the Back Row Baptist.  What’s on his radar this week is a problem that’s being discussed more and more in Christian circles, which is an alarming trend of young Christians abandoning their faith as they move out into college and young adulthood. … [Read more...]

Parent Like You Mean It 2: Parenting Through the Holidays with John Stonestreet

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[display_podcast] Welcome to Parent Like You Mean It – I’m Jefferson Drexler and this is the podcast where we talk about what it means to parent intentionally, instead of just letting life happen to you and your kids.  Too often, we get bogged down by life’s circumstances: work, school, meetings, little league games, dance recitals, picking up the house, folding the laundry, re-folding the laundry, feeding the dog… there is perpetually 25 hours worth of things to take care of each and every day. … [Read more...]