Story Team Weekly: The Weight of Two Worlds

The Weight of Two Worlds Shawn Martinez took a glass from the cabinet and set it on his kitchen counter. He grabbed a bottle of liquor, twisted off the cap and filled the glass. He picked up his headphones, put them on and turned the music up. It was 2:00 AM, and he walked out the door of his apartment. He wandered around the complex, carrying the weight of his mistakes. He couldn’t tell his fiancée Amber the truth. I’m taking this to my grave, he thought.Shawn kept walking, and drinking, co … [Read more...]

Simply Joyful Podcast: Crazy, Awesome Advice to Make Your Marriage Last! Making Marriage Fun with Pam Farrel

Crazy, Awesome Advice to Make Your Marriage Last! Making Marriage Fun with Pam Farrel Ma-widge! Any Princess Bride fans out there? Ha! We love that movie. One of our favorite iconic moments is when the priest says “marriage” with a weird accent. Well, today, that's what we are talking about! Marriage! & boy, oh boy, have I got a fun episode for you. Pam and I get laughing so hard on this episode. Pam shares some crazy, awesome advice about building a marriage that will last. You are going t … [Read more...]

Ask Pastor John: Does My Sex Life Affect My Prayer Life?

Does My Sex Life Affect My Prayer Life? Welcome back to a new week on the Ask Pastor John podcast with longtime author and pastor John Piper. A listener named Matt writes us, “Pastor John, 1 Corinthians 7:5 says that a husband and wife should ‘not deprive one another [of sexual relations], except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer.’ My question is, how do our sex lives interfere with our prayer lives? And when should there be a time in which a coupl … [Read more...]

Story Team Weekly: Sweetly Woven

When Geanine Gregory was seven years old, a neighbor sexually abused her. The abuse produced feelings of guilt and shame that were never discussed in her family, thus harvesting years of sexual sin in Geanine’s life.At the age of nine, Geanine’s parents divorced, and she was forced to leave her father and live with her mother and older sister. She learned to provide for herself because her mom worked long hours to provide for Geanine and her sister. This type of independence wrongly taught he … [Read more...]

WWUTT: How to Stop Looking At Porn?

How to Stop Looking At Porn If you watch porn, and you know you need to stop looking at nude people and masturbating to them, there's a simple solution for ending this lurid obsession with the flesh. You won't have to take notes or remember some cutesy acronym.Here it is: Stop looking at porn.It's that simple. And you know it.You know what you're doing is evil. God hates it. Have you not read that He will judge all the sexually immoral and throw them in the lake of fire? Is porn and … [Read more...]

Simply Joyful Podcast: Heidi St. John – Biblical Encouragement for Busy Moms

Motherhood is not easy. We all can use encouragement along the way. Well, Heidi St. John is a master encourager!What I love about Heidi is that she’s not afraid to be very real and vulnerable about her “busy” life as a wife, mom of seven, and ministry leader. Heidi’s passion is sharing biblical encouragement — and boy, does she share a lot with us today.Heidi is a dynamic speaker and has a very popular blog called The Busy Mom. Equally as popular is her podcast, The Busy Mom. On a “Simpl … [Read more...]