BreakPoint: Michelle Carter and Doctor-Assisted Death

Michelle Carter and Doctor-Assisted Death: Mixed Messages about Human Value [display_podcast] The recent, disturbing criminal trial of Michelle Carter not only tests new legal boundaries, it’s a mirror held up in front of our society. On June 16th, a Massachusetts judge found Michelle Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy. Because Carter wasn’t with Roy when he committed suicide, many legal analysts found the verdict surprising.In 2014, Conrad … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: Opposing the Transgender Craze – How to Become a Scientific Heretic

Even if you’re one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, your expertise doesn’t matter if you question the new orthodoxy about sex and gender. Opposing the Transgender Craze - How to Become a Scientific Heretic [display_podcast]Galileo Galilei was an advocate of Copernicanism when Copernicanism wasn’t cool. Galileo, the father of experimental physics, was an early advocate for the scientific idea that the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around.Church authorities, howeve … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: Don’t Argue the Exceptions – Beating Bad Arguments for Abortion and Transgenderism

“But what about the . . . ?” Has a rare exception every stumped you when making the case for life or anything else? Here’s how to respond with grace and truth. Beating Bad Arguments for Abortion and Transgenderism [display_podcast]“Humans have ten fingers and ten toes.” Now that shouldn’t strike anyone as a controversial statement, since almost every person ever born has had twenty digits. But what if someone argued in response that, because there are exceptions to this—people who because o … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: The Hopeless World of “13 Reasons”

[display_podcast]If you haven’t heard of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” I guarantee your teens have. Here’s what you need to know about it.Ten years ago, Jay Asher, a novelist specializing in Young Adult fiction, saw his novel about a high school student who commits suicide become what the New York Times called “a stealthy hit with surprising staying power.” The book eventually reached the top of the Times’ paperback best-seller list.And ten years later, that novel, “Thirteen Re … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: Delaying Marriage and Parenthood

More and more Americans are delaying marriage and parenthood. Let’s talk about the consequences of “emerging adulthood.” [display_podcast]Arguably the most consequential cultural shift of the past 50 years that too many people are unaware of is the rise of what demographers call “median age at first marriage.”Two simple numbers, one for men and the other for women, tell a great deal about where marriage and family rank among our culture’s priorities.In 1950, the median ages for first … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: The Story of Reality

[display_podcast]Religion is often presented today as a kind of therapy. Find the treatment you like best—the one that meets your needs and warms your heart. That’s the point of religion. But is this the way that Christianity presents itself? Did Jesus offer himself as a kind of sage who could help us to cope with life’s difficulties, or did he come to tell about himself, our problem, and his solution?On this program Michael Horton and the panel discuss these questions and more with Greg … [Read more...]