The term, “nuclear family,” (NF) is not common vernacular. If, like me, you are a biology major, then you might immediately think of the nucleus of a cell–the most basic, simple structure that controls mammalian life. NF refers to a family with a mother, father, and their biological child(ren). l first read about NF in psychology textbooks and later in social work textbooks. The term is rarely used or written about outside of academia. It’s becoming increasingly politically incorrect, much… Read more

Here are 10 practical ways you can choose people over politics. Read more

Well, congratulations!! Give yourself a pat on the back, Momma! You are doing something right to just be okay! Mothering is hard. It’s the journey that seems to be full of scary, steep mountains when the kids are little. From the round the clock physical care of our precious, fragile baby, to 24/7 supervision of our rambunctious toddler’s well being, to the constant concern for the kindergartener’s social, emotional, and spiritual development, mothering appears to be a nonstop responsibility that… Read more

When my boys were still in elementary school, I remember hearing older parents say that “girls are easier to raise when they’re young but harder when they get to high school. Boys are just the opposite– harder at first but much easier to parent as teens compared to girls.” They were referring to female wiles, tears, mood swings, and relationship drama. Of course these are generalizations and there are always moms who feel differently. Take me, for instance. I thought,… Read more

We are worlds apart, my fellow human being, though we share the same nationality. We are worlds apart, my fellow American, though we live in the same part of the country. We are worlds apart, my coworker, though we work for the same company doing basically the same things. We are worlds apart, my neighbor, though we walk the same sidewalks, and our kids play on the same sports teams. We seem to be worlds apart, my fellow believer, though… Read more

If you want to be a bridge, be prepared to be stepped on by people on both sides. Be prepared that some will not notice the bridge. Be prepared that some may notice the bridge but not think twice of its value or function. Be prepared that some may resent or feel threatened by the presence of a bridge. Be prepared that some may regret having crossed the bridge. Be prepared that some, having crossed over, may still choose to… Read more

I recently had a chance to reconnect with my high school English and History teachers. They have been teaching at Polytechnic School in Pasadena for over 30 years! It was nice to hear from them what I was like when I was younger. I also got the chance to talk with the Admissions Director, who in 1987, had admitted me to the freshman class at this college preparatory private school. Mrs. Rodriguez is now retired but came back to campus to… Read more

Well, it’s been almost 4 weeks since Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, 2 weeks since Irma visited Florida, followed by lots of bad news around the world about deaths and destruction caused by flooding, earthquakes, and terrorist acts/war in other countries. For my fellow Americans, our news outlets are stressing us out with story after story of ongoing political tensions and protests, whether the issue is about immigration, ethnicity/race, or religious freedom. Then if you are a parent, you’ve no doubt… Read more

It looks like someone else beat me to the punch! Actually, she beat my friend and fellow therapist, Cindy Hammonds, LPC, who had just yesterday volunteered to help me write about survivor’s guilt. I was going to also blog about compassion fatigue in the midst of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Well, y’all, I’m grateful that this fellow mom wrote an excellent, funny, very readable piece on such an important topic. She even shared my sentiment that many parents struggle when their young… Read more

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